Animated Mosaic 2 Photoshop Actions

Animated Mosaic 2 Photoshop Actions

  • Easy to use: just 1 Click actions!
  • No mask or selection needed, open the image, choose the action and play
  • Non-destructive, keeps the original image untouched
  • 12 different tiles shapes

  • x 3 different sizes: 20 px, 30 px and 40 px
  • = 36 total actions
  • + 10 frames animation
  • Run several actions in the same file, each new action played add the new content in the same ten frames
  • Separated Sparkle Group Layers to show or hide and see the animation with or without sparkles
  • Editable Background Layer to change the joint color
  • Works with RGB or CMYK:
    • Image files
    • Transparent background or masked images
    • Object and text layers
    • Single color files


  • 1 ANIMATED_MOSAIC_02.atn file with 36 actions
  • 1 TILES_02.abr file
  • 1 PDF Help File: English-Español
  • 1 tutorial video link


Load the Animated Mosaic Actions


Load the Mosaic Tiles Brushes

  • TILES_02.abr

Easy to use:

  • Open the image file where the action will run
  • Choose the action from the Actions Panel
  • Play the action
  • The action ends with a Group named as the action played and contains:
    • Sparkle Layers Group
    • Light Mosaic Layers Group
    • Mosaic Layers Group
    • Mosaic Background Layer
  • From the Timeline Panel, select the Frame #1 and play the animation
  • Save just the image or export the animation as a .gif format


  • Change the background color
  • From the Timeline Panel, select the Frame #1 and show or hide the Spakles Group Folder to see the animation with or without sparkles

Video tutorial:

The actions works the same as the explaining video of the first version, replacing the load with this version actions and brushes

Works with versions CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015, CC2017 and CC2019

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