Animated Mosaic 2 Photoshop Actions

Animated Mosaic 2 Photoshop Actions

  • Easy to use: just 1 Click actions!
  • No mask or selection needed, open the image, choose the action and play
  • Non-destructive, keeps the original image untouched
  • 12 different tiles shapes
  • x 3 different sizes: 20 px, 30 px and 40 px
  • = 36 total actions
  • + 10 frames animation
  • Run several actions in the same file, each new action played add the new content in the same ten frames
  • Separated Sparkle Group Layers to show or hide and see the animation with or without sparkles
  • Editable Background Layer to change the joint color
  • Works with RGB or CMYK:
    • Image files
    • Transparent background or masked images
    • Object and text layers
    • Single color files

Original Angled Brick Chevron alternate Flame Helix Hexagon Penant Pill Roof tile Square nut Triangle alternate V-triangle Cut-Out Image Object Text Single Color


  • 1 ANIMATED_MOSAIC_02.atn file with 36 actions
  • 1 TILES_02.abr file
  • 1 PDF Help File: English-Español
  • 1 tutorial video link


Load the Animated Mosaic Actions


Load the Mosaic Tiles Brushes

  • TILES_02.abr

Easy to use:

  • Open the image file where the action will run
  • Choose the action from the Actions Panel
  • Play the action
  • The action ends with a Group named as the action played and contains:
    • Sparkle Layers Group
    • Light Mosaic Layers Group
    • Mosaic Layers Group
    • Mosaic Background Layer
  • From the Timeline Panel, select the Frame #1 and play the animation
  • Save just the image or export the animation as a .gif format


  • Change the background color
  • From the Timeline Panel, select the Frame #1 and show or hide the Spakles Group Folder to see the animation with or without sparkles

Video tutorial:

The actions works the same as the explaining video of the first version, replacing the load with this version actions and brushes