Support for Real Paint FX - Photoshop Add-On

Support for Real Paint FX - Photoshop Add-On

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Error 416 – Stops after a few steps

The file with .tpl extension was not installed correctly. Double click on Real Paint FX Tools.tpl and choose “Load as Tools” when asked and NOT “Load as Brushes”.

If you have done this correctly and you’re 100% sure of it, check that the “Tools” are there under Windows > Tools.

follow closely this tutorial to see how to install correctly the Tools and Patterns.

if you can’t Load the Patterns from the preset manager, do it from Windows > Patterns

(Error 8800) Tools and Patterns

Check if the Patterns are installed correctly.

1) Go to Window > Tool Presets and check if the Tools are installed correctly. Look for “Use Current Tool Only” to be unchecked Run the Script again from the FxBox or from File>Scripts>Browse…Real Paint FX.jsx

2) Some users encounter problems in this step: I’ve received reports of this window NOT appearing during installation. In this case try Resetting “Warning Dialog Boxes” and install the Tools again choosing “as Tools when asked” the “Tools” are in the file with .tpl extension and you can Load it from the Preset Manager or the Tools Windows.

3) Be sure that your Workspace is not set to 3D or anything strange under Windows>Workspace select “Essential”


I recently received an increasing number of reports with this error, so it could be Adobe’s recent update that is causing it, however most users solved it.

Before doing anything in PS check if your Video Card Driver is up to date.

Then try to check the resolution of your picture and if it’s at 300dpi try to reduce it at 72 dpi removing the Option “Resample Image” so that your image won’t change actual size.

Also check under Preferences > Performance and try to check or uncheck the option “Use Graphic Processor”. More info here

If the other plugins work it must be a problem of installation of the assets, or the Video Card Driver. The HRESULT error is very often related to a Video Card Driver issue.

FX Box doesn’t appear in Photoshop

1. FX BOX: the user does not unzip the ZIP. Then the installer will not work

2. FX Tool on MAC: The FX Tool cannot be loaded into the box. Solution: install like the FX BOX

3. FX Tool: Script stops. > Styles / Brushes / etc are not installed correctly. Solution: remove all styles of the FX Tool. Close FX Tool> open again. Click “load as tools”.

Accidentally clicked “as Brushes” instead of “as Tools”

- go in the Brushes and delete the Real Paint Fx related brushes

- double click on the icon that have .tpl extension (or right click Open with > Photoshop) and choose “as Tools”

If you can’t see the window asking that, go in the Preferences (Ctrl+K) > General and check “Reset Warning Dialogs” Quit Photoshop and Restart.

Install again the assets manually, or Load the FX from the FxBox

Click on Load “as Tools” when asked

Black Screen

If the Script runs successfully but the image looks black try to uncheck the Video Card processor (Photoshop Preferences > Performance)

It’s also possible that you tried to apply the effect on an image which is too big for your computer to be processed.

I have designed the script to auto-resize the image in case is too small, or the final result won’t be as you see in the preview images.

Not many users have this type of problem, but if the image is bigger than a certain size their PS crashes or gives a blank result (document with no layers).

It’s possible that the RAM of the Video card is not enough, but is also possible that you didn’t give it enough room to work. Check your setting under Preferences and check that you have “use graphics processor activated” like in this image

“Failed to Locate Metal Device” “Black Screen at the end” or “Freeze”

There are high chances that:
– You might have used this Plugin on an image too big for your Video Card to handle
– Your Video Graphics Card is not updated
– for some reason doesn’t interact well with your Photoshop software

“Failed to Locate Metal Device” If you get an error similar to this that says Failed to Locate Metal Device Go to click the checkbox in your Preferences that activates Graphics Card Processor and Run the Plugin again.
Under the Advanced Settings just below that, check that you have “OpenCl” active and “Use Graphics Processor”

If “Use Graphics Card Processor” was already inactive, try to activate it and Run again the Plugin again.

FX Box doesn’t Load the FX

1. The FX Tool stops before the process is finished Please watch this short video:

2. The FX Tool cannot be loaded into the FX Box Please watch this video:

“no usable installer file” happens when you choose the wrong .jsx file Basically there are 2 ActionScripts: one that works in the FxBox and one that works by itself from File > Scripts in Photoshop. If you want to use the FxBox be sure to select the ActionScript contained in the Folder “use with FxBox” or “FxTool”

No usable Installer File

This message pops up if you choose the wrong .jsx file

There are 2 Javascript .jsx file included:

one to be used from File > Scripts > Browse.. Inside the folder named: Use as ActionScript > Real-Paint-FX.jsx and you can use the Script right away

The other Javascript file is to be used from the FxBox, inside the folder “Use with FxBox” and it’s the installer for the Plugin: Real-Paint-FX_installer.jsx

Watch the video tutorials and check the provided .pdf guide for a detailed installation step by step

The FX Box extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed

these are the paths for the uninstaller in case the FxBox doesn’t work

FX BOX user/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/Extensions/fx_box.extension

REAL PAINT FX user/Documents/OrangeBoxTemp//Real-Paint-FX

Right click the ‘uninstaller’ in OrangeBoxTemp folder and run in Photoshop (for either or both). Then close PS, install it again and should work once more.

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