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I am having the same issues as lvscns where I am not getting any movement. I am in Photoshop CC. Please help!

Hello, In the description it states: Please be advised: This pack will run only on Photoshop Extended 32 bit; I also gave a free DEMO in the description to avoid this issue.

Contact me at FlatlineRoEnvato@gmail.com and I will save an animation for you.

It has been updated, let me know how it goes.

Thank you Agidea

original & creative item!

Thank you Fabio

Thank you ebeez

good work is not often you meet these days. I like your design style!

Thank you osetrov

It doesn’t work for me. I first tried it with Photoshop CC. Than I wrote a comment that it should not work with it. So I tried it with Photoshop CS6 Extended 32bit. But It doesn’t work either.

Hello, please open one of the PSDs in Photoshop Extended 32 bit. In Photoshop, go to Window/Animation and the timeline will appear on the bottom. Press the play button (the arrow that points to the right) this will make it animate and all you need to do is replace the images in the smart objects and save it as gif.

If the timeline will ask you to convert (This file contains a timeline-based animation Photoshop extended only) it means that you don’t have Photoshop Extended and the animation will not work.

But don’t worry if you can’t save it by yourself or don’t have the right version of Photoshop, contact me at FlatlineRoEnvato@gmail.com and I will save an animation for you. It’s getting a bit late in my country at the moment so I will help you as soon as I wake up tomorrow; hope you don’t mind :(

Sorry for the inconvenience

Cheers, Adrian

It has been updated, let me know how it goes.

Thank you shariyarhossain


I have cs6 extended, i followed the steps, and when i pressplay nothing happens

please help


Hello, the animation will work only on Photoshop Extended 32 bit. To check the version of Photoshop, please go to Help>About Photoshop and check the number 32 or 64, in this case 64 is the bad number. Check your system for the 32 version of CS5 or CS6 and try opening one of the animations.

If it does not work, what can I say…please contact envato and issue a refund, I will back you up and you have my sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

I would also advice you on future purchases to read the item description.

If you want I can edit the animation for you, free of charge but only once…I am available this weekend. If you need more help you can hire me at envato studio https://studio.envato.com/explore/customize-graphics/8124-customize-psd-animations

Cheers, Adrian

It has been updated, let me know how it goes.

Hi Will there be an animated imac ? :) Thanks

I haven’t planned one yet but I will make it in the future (2-3 months)

hello, i have buy the file. I follow the steps from the introduction. But i hva e ever the problem that nothing are animate if i use the preview in photoshop or save it as a gif. Is it possible that someone make a little video tutorial how to animate the screen in the file? i think the introduction isn´t complete. kind regards

Hello, I’ll try to address this issue in the upcoming weekend.

hi, yes i think it´s a good solution. Please be careful that it works with the actually photoshop version. I need the new psd-file urgently for next monday for a project. kind regrds

Unfortunately I can’t update the animations due to lack of time and software restrictions.

I have tested all animations and they work fine on Photoshop CS5.1 Extended Edition 32 or 64bit, download it as a trial, and you’ll have no problem editing the files.

Is the background color changeable?

Doesn’t work on CC

I hope this gets updated to CC versions. Would love to purchase.

It won’t, I’ve tried to hotfix it, |’ll have to remake all animations an it’s not worth the time investment. Don’t get me wrong, it was/is a great item, but I don’t have the free time that I had when I created this item.

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This doesn’t work in the latest version of Photoshop CC (2017), I can’t even find any real referrence online to what ‘Photoshop Extended 32bit’ is? Is this something I can download ?

I wish people would read the descriptions before they purchase “Please download this DEMO….”I will take a look and try to convert the files for CC, please note that the FTP uploads on Envato are currently broken, I’ve been trying to update a file for 3 day now still no result, as such, this might take a while.

It has been updated, let me know how it goes.

Works perfect, thanks you very much! Great product and brilliant service.


Gab25 Purchased

Hello. Just downloaded your demo and it works great. Just a question, will you be creating this on iMac scree in the future. Thanks