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Hi I’ve just bought this app and downloaded it, but I cant find it , help me , please , it looks ace

Hello, find the path via browser where you download archive from the graphic river. There you will find ANIMATOR_Helper.pdf Open it and follow the instruction.

I have to say that this is the most fun action I have and I appreciate the many updates. I look forward them.

Thanks! It will be updates in future.

Cool, good luck with the sales!



simoudis Purchased

I keep getting unsigned plugin error and I cannot use the plugin

Hello, plz read the Animator_helper. There you will find how to fix it.


simoudis Purchased

Thank you. I fixed it

No problem!

How to make both animation (in & out) on one object? And how to change speed of every layer simply?

1 layer = 1 animation (IN or OUT). If you want create 4 animations you need duplicate 4 layers. Animation speed is fixed, because i try create more smooth and relevant animated presets for PS for creating beauty animation in photoshop. You can change the duration of time of static layers.


Pipago Purchased

Hi, I bought your plug-in, I use PS 2020. When I create an animation there is a multiplication of layers which is added in the layers panel, also on the video timeline and last but not least no animation is created or not perfectly. How resolve this problem. Thanks.

Hello, You use French version of PS and duplicated layers have “сopie” (or “kopie” on German lang) name instead a name “copy”. That is why script is stopped. You need change your version from your language to English. We are working it on multi language version.

How to change language on Photoshop CC to english – Mac and PC

If you use English version and you have multiple layers with the same names you need to go Layer panel option and turn on add “copy” to copied layers.


Pipago Purchased

Thanks for your quick answer. Perfect. It works well now. Thanks for all.

No problem! i think in a few day will be big update. I polish it now. Also will be glad to see cool rating of my item (I hope you enjoy it on 5 star :)

If purchased how many updates will be allowed before a new one needs to be purchased ?

After purchase All updates are free – forever.

Hello, i’m going to buy but first i need a tutorial or example video before i buy this. And a question. I didn’t install any plugin before. Is it cause a crash or something bad things when i install this to my computer? I’m a Mac user.

Hello. open finder, go to Go->Go to Folder and insert ’~/Library’ (without commas) and after go Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions

Thank you.

No problem! If put plugin into your folder it will works too.


sabco3 Purchased

unfortunately, most of animation didn’t work at my photoshop CC.

Hello. Maybe you some miss something. Can you send me on my email a few screenshots plz.. I will be glad to help you

Hi, I just bought the plug-in, I think something is not working well, when I create an animation there is a multiplication of layers which is added in the layers panel and no animation is created.

Hello, can you send me a screenshot of your problem on my email. Email you can find on last page Animator_helper.pdf file.

Quick response to my problem with a solution, appreciated! thank you !

Glad to help you. Thanks!


sorry, but illustrator not support animation at all ((

Poor judgement on the part of Adobe! Great Plugin – I will be buying it soon!

Thanks. I Hope so!


Great and fantastic product and could be used to animate png image (subject) and how and where is the link to the tutorial. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your reply and help.

No problem

Hello. Here is a short video about how it works

Really great and useful! 8) – GL! ;)

Anyway i appreciate your feedback

Its a super easy instaled and really very easy to use! ;) – Great and simple documentation and video instruction. All works good! – And author is ready to help )))) – GL, bro! 8)

5 stars from me! :D

Big thanks!

Hi. Very interesting product. Good jub. Just one question: in what formats can I export animation?

For animation it can be video, gif or Image Sequence in different image formats (jpg, png, tiff, etc.).

what version of Photoshop work, did it work with last version?

Animator works with PS 2020 if you need to hear this ))

thank you for reply, is it work with Arabic languages

It is multi language. With Arabic works too.

WOW! Great idea! You do not stand still! Good luck in your business!

Thank you very much!

Just WOW! Great huge work!


Just got this and somewhat new to photoshop. Would you mind explaining your best method to get from the timeline movie to a gif?

Cool. I will be glad if you rate this plugin. I hope it will be 5 star.

Gave it 5 stars. I love it!

Thanks a lot!