App UI For Ipad

App UI For Ipad

Sleek and stylish UI

This is an ap UI design for ipad. All the elements shown in the preview are included in the download. You may make your own apps using this UI except gallery and media player (audio player, video player). The fonts used are:

Segoe UI (Semilight and regular)

If you have trouble slicing the Ai file then you may like to read this tutorial.

Update 2.0 contains:

  1. Portrait mode of all the items that were previously added.
  2. 5 more color schemes added.
  3. Black and white themes added.
  4. Little corrections made.

Update 3.0 contains:

  1. Color improvements.
  2. Fixed the height of heading bar, it is now 88px.
  3. Left space for status bar, portrait screens are now 1536×2008px and landscapes ones are 2048×1496px.
  4. Included screenshots of each screen.
  5. Changed the font to Open Sans.

All those buyers who have downloaded it before, are recommended to download this version.

If you want me to design some application like this, you me cantact me through my profile page.

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