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Really slick and professional template with lots of options! What’s best about this purchase is the author stands by his work and responds to support emails.

Worth every dollar of the purchase price.

Of note: I had the same issue as this commenter when trying to change the colors… Keynote will hang and give you a spinning beach ball. Be patient and let it spin for a few minutes, it will eventually work, and then the rest will go much more quickly (it’s because that first object is used in so many of the slides, I think).

Thank you for your kind words :)

Yes, when changing colours that spinning ball can take some time to go away. Form my experience, though, it can also happen on Shape Styles that are used in just a few slides. As a developer, I’d say it probably has to to with the way Keynote operates ‘behind the scenes’.

(I’m hoping for a new Keynote update when the new MacOS comes out… it seems to become increasingly stable with each new release).

Hi. I’m very impressed with the quality of this template so thank you very much, I purchased. However, I believe I may be missing something here. Being a ‘template’ I thought I’d be able to install it in Keynote (whether that’s a move of files to the Library area or whatever, it doesn’t matter) and access Arcama as a template like all the other built-in templates when you create a new presentation. I’d then be able to add slides of various types as and when I need them using the ’+’ button at the top of the Keynote application window. Is this how it is supposed to be? At the moment this doesn’t act like a template, just a huge pre-populated Keynote presentation with loads of grouped slides. The files I see have a ’.key’ file extension rather than ’.kth’ which is what I was expecting.

I eagerly await your response. Thanks.

Thank you for your purchase. I know what you mean with .key and .kth files. However, pretty much all other “templates” being sold here on Graphicriver are also .key files and not .kth (on the item page it says “Presentation Files Included: .key”).

There’s various reasons for this (besides Envato asking authors to create .key files). From a practical point of view: 1) The Arcama template comes with hundreds of pre-designed laouts. For a .kth file, each layout would need its own Masterslide – which would mean that you’d have hundreds of Masterslides below your ‘+’ button. Not very convenient.
2) On Masterslides, Shapes can not be grouped with image or text placeholders (I hope Apple will fix this at some point).
3) More importantly: Shapes on masterfiles can not be animated, i.e. they can not be assigned any animations whatsoever.

Still, the Arcama template operates via Masterslides, to facilitate changing positioning and colours for header and footer items. Again: If every layout had its own Masterslide, it’d be a lot more time-consuming to change header & footer positioning on hundreds of masterslides.
Also: From Keynote 6 onwards, it’s actually fairly easy to change Arcama’s fonts. (Drop me an e-mail and I can talk you trough it)

Keynote is a great software, but as a designer/developer I think that “under the hood” it still leaves much to be desired. Masterslide facilities being one of those things…
Anyway… I guess what you could do is: duplicate one of the Arcama files, then delete all its pages (but not the Masterslides!). Then use the original Arcama as your template, so you can copy & paste from there into the copy you created. Shape Styles (under Keynote 6) as well as Masterslides (change of header/footer at a later stage) will still work in this case. You ccould also copy pages from one to another colour version (i.e. from “RED” to “RGBY”), but in this case the Shape Styles won’t be copied over. Hope this makes sense…

If you have any further questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail at

Hi. Thanks for your very prompt response and your detailed explanation. It’s a shame Apple have made it too difficult or impossible to allow 3rd parties to create templates like this. I do now understand why you have grouped the slides as you have now and it certainly seems to be the easiest way and probably only way possible to stored the slides with preset animations etc. I’m sure I will get used to this way of working as I do intend to utilise your template as often as possible because it is so fantastic. All the best and thanks again.

You’re welcome – and thank you for your kind words :)

Dear Visonic,

I bought some months ago this presentation without having into account that it was a Keynote presentation template (I was probably too amazed on the design to even notice)! I would love to have access to the powerpoint one instead of Keynote…as I really dont have a clue on how to use Keynote. Would it be possible?

Can you please send me an e-mail to ?

Is it Keynote 5 (‘09) compatible please?

Yes, it is compatible with Keynote 09. The download includes dedicated versions for both Keynote 09 and Keynote 6. Functionality & animations are the same.

What about an instruction video on how to use the template? I’m going through every page and just frustrating myself copy and paste stuff…. I wanted to create a flow chart….Great…now it just says DIY Flowchart. How do I apply for a refund?

The reason why it says “DIY Flowcharts” is because, quite frankly, I’ve never seen a flowchart that looks the same as another. That’s why the template contains the ELEMENTS necessary to set up the flowchart you want: arrows, boxes, icons, etc.

Since different users need different flowchart designs, I’m sure you’ll understand that it is literally impossible to provide a “one size fits all” solution that suits everybody’s needs.

If you’d like a refund, please contact Envato. It’s impossible for authors to process refunds directly.

Hi guys, I am looking to buy this template. Can you confirm I can customize colours and font, please? Thanks

Yes, colours and fonts are easy to customise: Colors and fonts are “themed”, which means: you can bulk-change them throughout the entire template. Note: this will require at least Keynote version 6 (from 2013). The older Keynote ‘09 doesn’t support bulk change.