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Work great -little issue in the BEGINNING – think many miss this;::: I DO ;)

About commands, maybe you click on the WHITE BOX near the action ? *

Just UN Click it, and action will work automatically.

But when I UN CLICK the WHITE BOX near the action in action panel – is work great…

THX a lot …

Hello! Yes, the white box must be inactive/disabled in this action. Enjoy)

I’m having probably the error “the command “select” is not available” popping up 20 times, i click continue, the action continues but the end result is clearly a messy mistake. Why does this happen? I have tried different images same issue….

Yep, it works now, i think it was the Photoshop preferences…...thank you looks great!

You’re welcome! Enjoy)

Awesome action, thnks for the Envato gift!!


Thank you for the Envato gift!!

Have fun!)

Hi, looks awesome! What is the maximum resolution it can handle?

Hello! You have to choose right proportions with original picture because brushes has fixed size. 5000px looks good) The bigger picture, the more detailed it becomes.

Thanks for the instant reply!

Hi. I did what appears in the video, until I press the play icon for the action. From then on I got dozens of messages saying that dozens of commands were not currently available. In summary, I did not get results. Thank you.

Hello! Please check the support page. Try action with different images and ensure that you load brushes before run action. Also try to reset preferences.

Nice action :)

Thank you!

Than k you for the July file!

Muchas gracias amigo, eres maravilloso! Gracias!


Amazing work! Took some figuring out with making it work exactly the way I want, but nonetheless amazing!

I’m glad you like it) About figuring out how to make it work, there is a video tutorial in the description, and support page near the comments tab)

Wow amazing work… Thanks… :)