Discussion on Architecture Sketch - Photoshop Action

Discussion on Architecture Sketch - Photoshop Action

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Hi, i’m having an issue while running the action. The error message reads : «The command “Make” is not currently available.» It does this with both versions of the action. I’ve done everything right and read the help.jpg file. I don’t see what I am doing wrong. Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for my poor english!

Hi, please send me your photoshop interface screenshot with open action and layer panel when message appears on

I’m having the same issues continuously with this action. I’ve followed all of the instructions, but it still tells me that the “command select is not currently available.” I get this when I play the action with the brush layer selected. The weird thing is that I accidentally brushed over the background layer another time and hit action and it went through the full process. Not sure what I’m missing. I’m emailing you my PSD file so you can see what I’m doing wrong.

Hi, I replied to the email.

Hi Dear,

action isn’t very friendly to me. I switched UI to English, installed brushes and patterns but It still have some problem – I recorded it & here is also finished picture –!2QNRmSJD!LomVUMHDbxAgsc5k7AgXzwLet me know, please. Thank you.:)

Here is video!A8BkCQzZ!mJySxXLAsPbWBukzHuzFbR2aJM4JFA6P-UBp30F2t4o in video you change the name on Background layer this is cause error…

Cool men. It works for 100% now. Thank you!


hello. I bought your product sketch architecture action, but when it played I didn’t get the lines as should be seen in sketch, just the color change what the wrong?

in sketch did not show the vertical and the horizontal lines, just color sketch, how to fix that? thank you for your product

Hi, I answered on the email.

Hello!! Does the action work fine with around 500 pixels images?

Hi, I would not recommend it for these image dimensions. Best dimensions are from 1500px to 3000px.

Hi there! Although I installed brushes and patterns before running the action, I got a message “Couldn’t fill because no pattern has been defined” and a terrible result. I use CS6. Please help me :)

Hi, this message means photoshop can not find a pattern. Be sure the pattern is properly installed and you have not changed pattern name. Did you install it from Preset Manager or only double click on it. Watch the video on 1:10 If this does not solve the problem please contact me on via email on my profile page, send screenshot when message appears with open action and layer panels.

I’m sorry, my mistake! I installed the wrong patterns..

Ok, cheers :)


Existing image color completely disappears and turns into black & white once action is played. How exactly do I get these colors to appear? Already tried playing with ‘Color FX’ and ‘Adjustments’.


Hi, please send me psd to see what’s going on. My email is

Hi Sir,

I have send you an email.

Kind regards, Qpro interiors

Hi, I answered the email. Regards!

Hi I haven’t used this in a while and I went to try again but when I run “The command Select” is no currently available” how do I fix this? Thanks

I’ve really tried to follow your instructions. I’ve watched all the videos, set the right modes and loaded brushes, patterns etc…

Hi, please send me a screenshot with open action panel when this message appears. I can not say anything else until I see it, except your new layer (isolated area) must be named brush (all smallcaps without space), select this brush layer and play action (this is important). My email is

Your isolated area must be name “brush” not “area”, try on that way.

This and arch sketch have both stopped working for me. Rather than a long drawn out discussion, will there be an update?

Hi, this is not the problem in the actions and will not stop working for no reason something get happened with your photoshop. Update does not make sense because action is tested and works in all versions of the photoshop and I need to know what causes the problem to get solve it successfully. Please send me a screenshot with issue and open action panel so I’ll try to help you solve the problem, which version of the photoshop you are using? My email is

Hi when i play the action a range of commands say that they are not available?? please help

Hi, be sure you get started action correctly (install brush and patterns) simply watch this video “Photoshop Basic Settings” and how to use this action If this does not help you please send me screenshot with open action panel when first messages appears on

Problems with action again. I am having both the new version of this action and this action stop working. I based a look of a marketing push on this action but now I am unable to create consistent images because the action is not working. Can you please help me figure this out? I just emailed you but was following up here. Thanks.

Hi, as far I can see from photo in attach you do not start the action in the correct way. Important thing is your background layer must be locked but not manually, simply select Background layer and click Layer/New/Background from Layer. Watch the video at 0:25 Please let me know if you have solved the problem.

Hi there, I was able to get the action to work once but every time after I’m getting an error message “The filter gallery is not currently available”.

Hi, please send me screenshot when message appears with open action panel to see what’s going on.

Will you be updating this action for the new PhotoShop CC 2018? The action stopped working for me after the update.

I will try to make the update soon, can you send me screenshot with your problem (open action panel) maybe we can fix it.

I get the error “The command ‘Hide’ is not currently available (several errors follow). What can I do?

Hi, I guess this happen at the beginning of the action, your new layer (isolated area) must be named brush (all smallcaps without space), select this brush layer and play action. Another important thing action only works on english version photoshop. If this does not help you please send me a screenshot with open action panel when first error appears on

I seem to be having the same problem as a few others. I have followed your videos on setting up the plug in. It never gives me a brush layer…or am I supposed to create it? I the video the action creates it. Anyway, it tells me “Hide is not currently available” then it tells me “select is not currently available” like 5 times.

It makes it to the end and it looks good, but I never get the option to brush on a layer.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, you must manually created new layer name it brush (all smallcaps without space), in this layer you can brushed (isolated) area of interest, select this layer and play action. Watch the video at 0:10 how to start the action with brush layer. I hope this will help you.

for some reason it now seems to work. Ok, I suck. Thanks for your time

In each of my tutorials brush layer created manually ie. you created brush layer and isolated area of interest. Each video was created for that action and do not watch others which have does not matter with that action. It is important that you solved the problem. Regards.

Good day, I’m having the same problem – I have followed all the instructions, watched the YouTube videos and after the action starts I get.. The command “Select” is not currently available – I have sent you an email of a screen shot Thanks Garth

Hi, your isolated layer must name brush not area (all smallcaps without space). This should solve the problem. Regards!

no me funciona bien el boceto me manda muchos mensajes de error aun que halla seguido los pasos dice que flatan pinceles

Hi, first important detail: your photoshop must be on english language (how to change the language you have in the item description), please send me a screenshot with open action panel when errors appears to see what it is about. You can contact me at

si los modifique en el idioma ya envie el correo porfavor agradesco su respuesta

I answered via email.

Hi, I have a problem with the scipt. It say that ” Could not fill because no pattern has been defined.”

I open my img on rgb 8bit. create a new layer called brush (small cap) color in red inside run the script

any idea ?

Photoshop CC 2017

Hi, be sure pattern PAT file properly installed in photoshop. Watch video on 1:02 how to install brush and pattern

Thanks, I’m sorry for disturb. I added the brushed but not the pattern. Sorry.

Everything’s fine

No problem, best regards.

Hey, i’m getting a error that “the command select is not currently available” for layer 9. Any idea why?

Hi, photo you sent me was not my Architecture Sketch Action. In my no orders for layer 9, please check what the action is.


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