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Thanks Jerome…It was fun to make!

Thanks Mike, Getting back to more illustrative looks, and having fun doing it!

Wow, dude, this is a pleasant surprise!!!! You pulled a nice one out of your sleeves! Congrats!

Thanks Seraphim!...More like this too come! I appreciate you taking a look!

OH, YES !!!! This is what I am talking about!! Truly magnificent work, love everything about this. The sword is my favorite part!! keep it up :)

Thanks loswl… Very much appreciated… it was fun to make too!

An very nice depiction of that verse with historicity. Good job. Much sales to you. Be blessed.

Thanks godserv… very much appreciated…more like this too come…

Keep stuff like this coming I’ll be needing them. Awesome work man.

I appreciate it!...and I most certainly will…

the graphics did not come out the file seems to be corrupted

People have had luck with updating to the latest zipping software, or downloading a program called 7zip.

I will be at my computer this evening and if you havent gotten the zip open, I can send you a direct download link to the file on my website…

Sorry for the download issues… Sincerely, Matthew