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great work buddy,how we can find a tuttorial to learn these kind of actions?

That is somewhat difficult. For this type of work I have not seen some sort of tutorial. What I can advise to you is that you see all kinds of possible tutorial about photomanipulation, digital retouching, among others and learn little by little tips which can then be mixed to the desired result. (That I do)

Thank You! ^^

The Help PDF is blurry and not readable. Because of this I can’t run the action. I don’t know what prep work I have to do to run this action. Please help.

Really? I just checked the file and it looks good. But ok.

first You must load the action in the action pane (ALT + F9 to make visible / invisible this panel). // Open Actions panel > Settings > Load Action //

second: You must load the brushes. // Select Brush > Right-click to display the brush selector > Settings > Load brush //

third: You must load the Style (Windows menu > Style) // Open Styles pane l> Settings> Load New Style //

To apply the action: You must first create a new layer called “Layer 1”. You then select a round brush and paint with any color on the layer 1 of the image where you want the effect to be applied. Then in the action pane you select the action and clicking on play action.

At the end of the process you will receive a pop up with the text “Finished Effect”.

Once the process is complete you can edit the result.

To edit the result: At the end of the action the bottom of the image is black and without visual effects. If you want to use the fund with effect only you should make visible the “Hue / Saturation 2” layer

If you want to add more brightness, color saturation, contrast or change the colors a bit of result you can edit layers “Brightness / Contrast 1” and “Hue / Saturation 1”

If you have any further questions you can ask. And if you need more explanation let me know.

Remember that your photoshop must be in English, minimum CS5. Please Rate If You Like It

can u provide youtube video?

sorry, at the moment I have no videos to display, but if you tell me which part of the process is difficult to taste you can help.