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wow amazing work bro

Some layers are blank bro after you save the doc and nothing shows up on the book layer effect.

Basically I open the smart object, put a photo there, and save it , close it… and nothing happens on the real PSD. It’s not showing up!

I check all layers of each PSD files and they work correctly. But on the cover layers (cover / back cover), you must put your logo or text, for the logo, the image format must be .png. if you put a jpeg image on the cover layers, it will blank.

Thanks for purchasing :)

Hey …I like it nice work! ...however, reading this I got confused because I want it but seems I can’t change place my cover design, can I? If I can’t can you help me to get it?


I am sorry for long reply.. the cover design was only able to be changed with a logo (png image).

Thanks :)

mate, it is not working. :(

hi, this was pretty urgent and this wasnt compatible with my AdobeCC. I would like a refund. thanks.

I am so sorry, I canot help you to make a refund. Only Envato that would be able to do that. I think you better install Adobe Photshop CS5. Thanks.

who uses cs5 anymore. I will send an email to envato. thanks.