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wow amazing work bro

Some layers are blank bro after you save the doc and nothing shows up on the book layer effect.

Basically I open the smart object, put a photo there, and save it , close it… and nothing happens on the real PSD. It’s not showing up!

I check all layers of each PSD files and they work correctly. But on the cover layers (cover / back cover), you must put your logo or text, for the logo, the image format must be .png. if you put a jpeg image on the cover layers, it will blank.

Thanks for purchasing :)

Hey …I like it nice work! ...however, reading this I got confused because I want it but seems I can’t change place my cover design, can I? If I can’t can you help me to get it?


I am sorry for long reply.. the cover design was only able to be changed with a logo (png image).

Thanks :)

mate, it is not working. :(

hi, this was pretty urgent and this wasnt compatible with my AdobeCC. I would like a refund. thanks.

I am so sorry, I canot help you to make a refund. Only Envato that would be able to do that. I think you better install Adobe Photshop CS5. Thanks.

who uses cs5 anymore. I will send an email to envato. thanks.

Hi ryanmahendra – I was happy to finally find a template that would make my book look good. Thanks for making this, however, I’m having difficulty modifying it with my images. The directions provided are not working for me. Could you please supply some more detailed instructions? I am using Photoshop CS2 – is that part of the problem? TIA for your reply.

Ryan, Thanks for putting in extra effort to make my purchase the correct choice. We are so happy with how our book looks using your templates. You da man!

you are so welcome sir.