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Oh, my God – It So Beautiful!!! You are the Best, my Darling!!! :) Bookmarked! ;)

Solnishko, you’re sweeter than sugar!! THANK YOU !! Kiss & hug

Yeah, this simple AWESOME ! :inlove::kiss:

Thanks a lot! :kiss:

Grazie tante, Rob! :)

This is super awesome! I really love your use of color!

Thank you, Chris! Appreciate it! :P

Oh my God! I was sure that this is your design! It’s gorgeous, it’s amazing! Actually, it’s breath taking! I’ll go back and watch it several hours! Amazing design, Minkki! I hope you’ll got hundreds of sales on this! You deserve!

Breathtaking is this message of yours, not my flyer!! hahah Love ya!! :kiss:

Thanks, Omega! :)

Obrigada, Rafa! :grin:

Knew this was yours as soon as I saw the thumb :) Beautiful and clean. Love it.

Thank you for all the beautiful words, Michael! :)

so beautiful. love it

Thank you, hun! :)

WOW !! just completely amazing, love the lighting and your use of color ;)

What a lovely comment, Mark! Thank you very much! :P

Thank you, Joe! :)

another cool work . good job minki :) .

Merci, Sajjad! :kiss:


How sweeeet!! Spasibo!! :):)

Thank you, Leroi! :P

I love this author. She makes beautiful work and the Photoshop files are well documented, professionally and cleanly laid-out and easy to work with (unlike another author I have bought from… ugh). I will always look for her work for any project I’m working on.

This is the second item I’ve bought from her and it’s great!!

Well done Minkki :-)

Ooh, this comment makes my heart flutter!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write me these beautiful words! It’s not very often that I receive feedback from buyers, so yours is much appreciated! :) Could you also rate my flyer please?

I’m curious…what other flyer did you buy from me? :P

Many thanks again! :)

I bought Music Tale as well. Keep it up!! I will always look for new designs from you :-)

Excellent choices! :)