Authentificator, Sign In / Sign up Process

Authentificator, Sign In / Sign up Process

Authentificator is a front-end friendly, user interface design concept, that comes with full user experience.

Includes 6 PSD files:

  • Multiple Social Media Sign In Options;
  • Regular Sign In
  • Password Reset Instructions;
  • Sign Up Form;
  • Confirmation Email Template;
  • Full UI Kit including behaviour of all elements;


  • Detailed, Clean design;
  • Full User Experience
  • Layered psd files neatly organized into groups;
  • Error Handling for Fields;
  • All elements are fully editable vector shapes;
  • Colors and styles are easily to modify;

Fonts Used:

PT Sans, it comes in 4 styles and can be downloaded for free or used as webfont from Google Web Fonts.

Icons Used:

Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons for GUI designers used for Username Icon, Password, and Email input fields. Can be downloaded for free as vector .ai file and PDF .