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Great item i was just looking for this…

Glad you like it I’m happy you can find this item and Thank you for the purchase :)

Great looking badges. This will help me alot.

Glad to hear that itforbarn and thank you for the purchase :)

excellent files. thanks.

@roozbeh007: Your satisfaction boost my quality standard for items, Thanks for the purchase :)

I opened the PSD file and I can’t select any of the buttons. Only the two sale tags are selectable. Besides those two sale tags, the rest of the buttons are on a flatten background. How am I supposed to edit them? Also, I don’t see any resizeable vector shapes in this zip file.


The .zip file contains 2 files: Attractive-badgestags.psd for the Editable version and for the Flattened version.

All items in the .PSD are fully editable vector shapes and texts grouped in their corresponding folders.

For example, if you want to edit the Blue Best Buy button just find the BEST BUY ---BLUE folder in the layer tab then expand the layer group, you will find all the editable elements (text and grouped vector shapes) inside the folder. Please let me know if you still having difficulties with the file.

Thanks for the purchase.

The .psd file that I got is not editable. When I expand the Background layer, the only layer underneath it is another one named background. All of the buttons are flatten on it. Other than that, there are two Sale layers that contain the price tags.


I was inspecting the download file and the PSD was fine, you should should see 22 folders inside the PSD instead of Background layer, please try to re-download the file again.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the info mate :)

Love it! very cool :)

Nice things!

useful! ^^ great job!