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Wow!! Great Idea….........

thank you femo ;)

BaGeRa, a hint for You: Make a Backdrop Display Wall 4×3m Mockup. I am working in large format digital printing industry, and that mockup should be the real thing.

Anyway, this one is great!

:D affirmative I m just working on it ;) Large banner stands just few days joeBanana.

Thank you my friend.

fantastic mockup :)

thank you kamarashev ;)

thank you artnook ;)

Original idea. well done + very nice presentation
Good luck with sales ;)

thank you brother :)

hey man…this is awesome!!! :)

thank you my friend ;)

I love it.

One suggestion, could you not split it into 3 separate files? The file size is huge and (I’m guessing due to my system) it crashes a lot because everything is packed into one file.

Good idea I will Update it soon; but if you are pressed you can choose the model that you need to use and create a new file in the same same and you drag the folder of the model that you will use in the new file before you applying your work.

try to use this method, good luck ;)

You are the mockup king!

Thank you My friend, very appreciated ;)

Hello, I just downloaded and when I tried to open this file I got an error saying, ””Unknown data has been encountered reading layer “Your Product” and will be discarded”. Any ideas? Please help. Thank you. I am using CS2 .

Hi tbp007;

Really sorry this is the first time that I got this type of error message.

Try to Turn on ‘maximise PSD compatibility’ under file handling in the preferences.

If not try to open it with a CS3 Photoshop version.

Good luck;

Hi there BaGeRa, I purchased your mockup based upon your advertised claim that it was compatible with CS2 and therefore could be of use to me. If it does not work in the CS2 version of Photoshop, I would like a refund, thank you.

Hi tbp007;

I tested it with CS2 and it work fine in my computer and all smart-object work fine with Photoshop CS2 version, so try to make an update for you Photoshop and if it still not work for you can contact support to refund your money with no problem.

Regards, BaGeRa.

Hi there BaBeRa, Thank you but what version of CS2 are you using? Because I’m using to latest CS2 but its no doing for me. Kindest regards, TBP007

Hello again my friend;

This is the version of Photoshop running in my PC : Photoshop CS2 9 .0.2 North Africa version.

Good Luck, and tell what news with you ;)

Hi there BaGeRa,
Thank you. I have opened the file and accessed the smart layer, however, when I save and go to the original file my image and the smart layer have disappeared from view. Please help. :confusedsad:
Many thanks again,

Hi My friend;

You need to explain me more !! if the smart-object disappeared from the layers list or from the file workplace ??

so, if the image doesn’t appear in the workplace and the smart-object still exist in the layers list : it’s a memory problem try to zoom out the file to update the workplace display !! and if it’s the problem I recommended to split the file (open the psd file and create a new psd file in the same size and drag each model in the new file and save to got each model in a single file).

and Really I don’t know what’s the problem if the smart object disappeared from the layer list it’s never happened for me.

so Good luck and I hope you will solve the problem ;)

Best regards, BaGeRa.

Actually, BaGeRa, the layer does not disappear, however, the image in the layer disappears from view after the smart layer is accessed, new image placed and saved… When I go back to the mockup it is no longer visible. :-(

Here’s an example:


Hi again;

it’s normal that you will got the problem, look my friend follow me step by step : 1- open the file. 2- choose model one – centered view . 3- double click to the smart object “Your product”. 4- it’s mentioned past your work here and do not create another smart-object inside the original smart-object and you create a filter to got gradient effect. 4 again- in this step you need to use an image (after you create your banner in psd file you save it as an image and you open it again with photoshop and you copy all) select the layer “past your work here” and you past the image that you already copied. 5- close the smart-object and you will get your banner in the original file. 6- You will be happy after all this discussion.

I hope in the next message I will got a happy smile ;)

Good luck my friend and you’re welcome.