Discussion on Banner Up & Desk Mock-up

Discussion on Banner Up & Desk Mock-up

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Is there a way to get the hardware by itself? There is no way to remove the gray background for now, I need to place it by itself on a “scene” image. Thnks.

Contact me through my profile please so I can send you the file!

I sent you my email a few weeks ago, still waiting for the file, thank you.

You haven’t taken care of the layers issue as described by the commenter before me. The file is essentially flat after you add your banner. You MUST use the gray background…and that is not at all useful.


Absolutely True, but it was not done for this kind of usage, I can still give you the transparent BG file, contact me through my profile please so I can get your e-mail.

Willing to upload the new version soon.

Bought the file, requested the transparent background, received 10 minutes later. Cant say fairer than that!



Thinking about buying this item, if it has the transparent background, please let me now if it has been updated. Thanks!


Not yet, but I can send you the requested item once you purchase a copy.

Kindest regards.

I just purchased this and would like it without the gray background. Can you please send me this file? Thanks

You got the file in your e-mail :) hope you found the support quick and fast!

You sent me the PNG transparent file. I don’t need this. I need the PSD file where I can manipulate the smart object where the end result allows me to remove the background image. Merely having the transparent PNG of the banner stand does not help.

Request of transparent BG file.

Thank you

Got it in your mail :)

Can you please send me the transparent PSD file. Many thanks

sure :) needing your email though :D