Batch Wallpaper Resizer

Batch Wallpaper Resizer

Batch Wallpaper Resizer - 1

1. Start a new file

The built in Start Action creates a new document that is correctly sized for you to begin designing in. Batch Wallpaper Resizer - 2

2. Check your alignment

There are 5 options of how to crop and re-size your wallpaper for export.
  • Center Aligned
  • Top Right Aligned
  • Top Left Aligned
  • Bottom Right Aligned
  • Bottom Left Aligned
Each of these exports options has a Guide Action that goes with it. Click the guides to create a folder containing masks that will show you how the image will be cut for certain resolutions. The default document is already sized for 16:10 resolutions. As you can see in this example, the guide layers are positioned for a center aligned export. Batch Wallpaper Resizer - 3

3. Export your wallpapers with one click!

Use the Export Action which best suits your design, kick back, and watch all the work be done for you. Seriously, go get a glass of lemonade or something.

4. View your wallpapers

After the action is completed, you will have one folder saved in the location of your choosing, which contains all of your newly re-sized wallpapers. Now every can enjoy your design, no matter what screen. Batch Wallpaper Resizer - 4

Export Details (17 Sizes )

16:10 Resolutions
  1. 2560×1600
  2. 1920×1200
  3. 1440×900
  4. 1280×800
16:9 Resolutions
  1. 2560×1440
  2. 1920×1080
  3. 1280×720
4:3 Resolutions
  1. 1600×1200
  2. 1400×1050
  3. 1024×768
  4. 800×600
Additional Resolutions
  1. 640×960 (iPhone 4 Vertical)
  2. 960×640 (iPhone 4 Horizontal)
  3. 320×480 (iPhone 3 Vertical)
  4. 320×480 (iPhone 3 Horizontal)
  5. 768×1024 (iPad Vertical)
  6. 1024×768 (iPad Horizontal)

Demo Video

Batch Wallpaper Resizer - 5


Does the action simply crop the image or does it resize for the best fit?
The process of export crops only for different aspect ratios. It first crops to the largest resolutions for each aspect ratio and then resizes these images down to create all the resolution sizes.

I have artwork in all four corners of my wallpaper that I want to show in each wallpaper size. Will this work?
No.This action has 5 pre-determined focal points when it comes to slicing and dicing – center, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. To keep all four corners in every wallpaper size would require customization for each individual image.

Does each wallpaper retain it’s layers after export?
No. Each wallpaper is exported as a flat image. However, you do have the option to choose what kind of image that will be – PNG, JPEG, GIF

Credit Served Where Credit’s Due

  • Greg Martin – Wallpaper used in file preview, video demo, and help files.
    This image is not included in the download.
  • Subtle Patterns – Texture used in included sample wallpapers

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