Battle War Videogame Stationery DVD Cover Template

Battle War Videogame Stationery DVD Cover Template

This a customizable Videogame Design Cover Template

This item contains 4 Layered PSD files with everything you see above (mock-up excluded but purchasable here).
If you’re designing a war game or whatever deals with art, videogames and battles, this file is what you may need: it’s full of graphic elements like tanks, planes attacking, cities on fire, infographics, smoke, fire and so on…

4 Layered Psd Files with all these Elements

Every element is unique and matte painted referring to real existing objects, and each one is inside.

Dozens of Graphic Elements for Videogame Art Design

The fonts used here are 100% Free and you can find the links to download inside this item. Purchasing this file you get:
  • 1 PSD with the Front Cover Design 1320×1834 300 DPI BLEEDS 0,125 inches
  • 1 PSD with the Back Cover Design 1320×1834 300 DPI
  • 1 PSD with the Template for the Cover 2500×1677 300 DPI
  • 1 PSD with the CD/DVD Template 1255×1255 300 DPI
(see the screenshot preview for the visuals)

All the Images and Effects are included

Artistic effects and elements are realized using personal photos and are included in the file. At 100%.
The overall composition is realized in Adobe Photoshop CS5 but obviously these PSDs are compatible with any older version until CS Inside there’s also an Illustrator file wich is called and it’s related to the DVD circular shape: in printing process sometimes is needed a circular vector guide for the printer’s software.

For Web and Print usage

Hi my name is Gianluca Giacoppo, I’m a Graphic Designer / Photomanipulator.
I’ve knowledge in web design, communication design, skills with Adobe Photoshop and the photomanipulation process. In my Portfolio here you can find a bit of everything: illustrations, templates, GUIs, Mock-ups, Photoshop Actions and Styles. Have a look around

I like to design everything, but most of all I like to provide tools for professional designers like me. I’m not available for freelance work at the moment.

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