Battleship War - Game Assets

Battleship War - Game Assets


This Graphic Pack is used in Battleship War
You can try the game here

What Will You Get?

Sources Folder containing:

  • Sea Caustics (.aep)
  • Sea Tiled (.aep)

  • Battleship War Layered (.psd)
  • Explosion Sprite (.psd)
  • Final Explosion Sprite (.psd)
  • Ships Sprites (.psd)
  • Submarine Sprite (.psd)

  • But Radar Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Caustics Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Explosion Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Final Explosion Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Fire Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Sea Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Ships Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Submarine Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Terrains Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Water Splash Sprites Sequence (.png)

  • But Radar (.fla)

  • Air Shadow (.png)
  • Bg Menu (.png)
  • But Bg (.png)
  • Fireball (.png)
  • Sea Tiled (.png)

  • But Radar (.swf)

Sprites Folder containing:

  • Background Game (.jpg)
  • Background Menu (.jpg)

  • Sea Caustics Sprites Sequence(.jpg)
  • Ships Spritesheets (.jpg)

  • Bg Menu (.jpg)
  • Bg Mode (.jpg)
  • Bg Sandbox (.jpg)
  • Sea Mobile (.jpg)

  • Airplane (.png)
  • Airplane Shadow (.png)
  • Audio Icon (.png)
  • Bg Rocks (.png)
  • Button Advanced (.png)
  • Button Strike (.png)
  • Button Classic (.png)
  • Button Delete (.png)
  • Button Exit (.png)
  • Button Fullscreen (.png)
  • Button Help (.png)
  • Button Not (.png)
  • Button Play (.png)
  • Button Radar (.png)
  • Button Rotate (.png)
  • Button Shuffle (.png)
  • Button Yes (.png)
  • Cell Battle (.png)
  • Cell Control (.png)
  • Control Panel (.png)
  • Enemy Fleet Panel (.png)
  • Final Explosion Spritesheet (.png)
  • Fire Spritesheet (.png)
  • Highlight (.png)
  • Missile (.png)
  • Missile Explosion Spritesheet (.png)
  • Missile Reactor Spritesheet (.png)
  • Missile Smoke Spritesheet (.png)
  • Missile Water Spritesheet (.png)
  • Message Box(.png)
  • Occupied Area(.png)
  • Progress Bar(.png)
  • Score Panel(.png)
  • Torpedo(.png)
  • Wait Player(.png)
  • Your Fleet(.png)

Adobe Creator Sofware Used: CS6

The font used is

  • Army

    You can download it here

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