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huge and unique :) GL

Thanks ! :)

AMAZING! All your works are incredible! Great job truly!

May I ask if they are taken from pictures or 3D MODELED?

Thanks a lot ! :)

Hi! I downloaded this mockup but I have an issue, I can’t modify the cap item in the mockup 6, even if I change the smart object, it doesn’t appear in the document. I hope you can help me, thanks!

Hi there. You use the file “all in one” or File No. 06 ?

in both the same applies

Hello. It’s strange because the files are OK. I checked everything. Please write me a message using the form on my profile. I will send you the files from another source, it may help

Hey. I am trying to change the color of the varnish, I have followed the instructions on the PDF Help document but the bottle stays black. Would really appreciate some advise, thank you!

Hi there.

You can change the varnish only at the label area. It is simulation of a print effect. If you want to change a bottle glas color you must us a GLASS_color smat object but remember that the natural base color of the glass is dark so you color will also be dark.

All the best

Thanks for the pack. I have the same problem as Nehuatl_s, I can’t modify the cap in file No. 6. Did you find a solution to this?

I have checked the files again and as before it works fine.Can you try to add a graphic in to VIEW/ITEM GROUP/CAN/CAP_top graphic smar objects? Look forward