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BePro Simple & Business Theme

BePro Simple & Business Theme - Business Keynote Templates

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from Colorlib:

Do you want to be a pro at designing Keynote slides? You totally should be. Keynote is one of the world’s most easy to use slideshow tools, which oftentimes starts to feel more like a vector editing software, but yet.. it’s only for slides, and infographics if you like. BePro as the name implies is for business purpose, but could be turned into anything else with just a few slight modifications. It comes packed with elements of icons, infographics, and charts that are so crucial for business slideshows that want to back up their claims true real and tangible data displays. In any case, the success of a slideshow is often determined by the way that the design of it can reflect what you’re conveying using your words. BePro doesn’t waste your time in terms of design quality, it was built so that the customers of BePro can tap into an infinite potential of design possibilities, largely thanks to Keynote’s versatility in terms of slide customization and management. 

Essential Features

  • 110+ Slides (One Template)
  • Full Screen & Responsive
  • Detail-Clean Animation & Slide Animation
  • Vector Shape All Elements
  • Master Slide Option (Easy Editable)
  • Drag & Drop Image (Easy)
  • Ready to use 3 colour templates
  • Font & Shape Icon Library v3
  • All Essential Function (Portfolio, Team Work, Infographic, Chart etc..,)
  • Full Documentation (PDF & Online with Video Tutorial)
  • Free Google Font


“BEPRO” Creative & Business Presentation Template gives you opportunity to create all kind of presentation by using the modern and useful elements such as portfolio, typographic, services, icons, data charts, tables, infographics, mockups, world maps and more..,We have devoted time testing in a template where we managed to tune many details.

You can choose your template which one is more suitable for you from various of slide solutions also it will be easy and save your time.

Your slides will speak-up for your work!!!

If you were a manager, who wants to present the potential of a company, a lecturer who is eager to attract attention, or a student who wants to present a report & dont hesitate, this product is developed just for you!

Video Preview (Click to an image)

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Available in Powerpoint version. Read More

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SimpleSmart Presentation Templates:

The template contains the main purpose of delivering ideas of user with creative, modern designs and solutions to others. In other words, a template is a “product” which buyer directly use it as well as give an opportunity to express his or her ideas fluently without template author.

SimpleSmart has been making the presentation templates since 2010

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If you’ve got a presentation coming up fast, you need to get an awesome and unique Presentation template designed quickly.

Your presentation needs slides that highlight your points, elements that visually engage with your audience, and a design that comes across with the right style. You need a style that’s: on-trend, fits your brand, and is dripping with creative energy.


These templates will help you make awesome PowerPoint or Keynote presentations fast. Dive in and find the design that fits your presentation ideas best!

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Please, Images are not included

Used images are not included in template pack, because Envato policy does not permit include creative common photos.


“SHIFT” Minimal and Creative Presentation Buildergives you opportunity to create all kind of presentation by using the modern and useful elements such as portfolio, typographic, services, icons, data charts, tables, infographics, mockups, world maps and more..

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Builder Some Features:

  • Each Builder is over 300+ slides with many elements
  • Responsive 16:9 Screen (4:3 Coming soon)
  • Fully & Easy Editable
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Ready to Use 3 Demos (Business, Creative, Minimal Demo Templates)
  • Full Master Slide Options (Drag to Upload Images & Elements)
  • Minimal Font & Vector Icon Library v2.0
  • All Essential Functions (Infographic, Data Chart, Portfolio, Team Work, Price Table, TimeLine etc..,)
  • Creative & Professional Builder
  • User Guide & Video Tutorials

Divided in Categories such as:

  • Agenda & Schedule Slides
  • Welcome & About Slides
  • Simple & Creative Company Timeline Slides
  • Simple & Image, Icon Service Slides
  • Portfolio & Single Image Slides
  • Project & Analysis Image Slides
  • Creative & Professional Builder
  • Team Work & Team Member Slides
  • Device MockUp Slides
  • Data Table & Price Table Slides
  • Special & Creative Project Slides
  • Simple & Numeric Countdown Slides
  • SWOT Analysis Slides
  • Data Editable Chart & Analysis Slides
  • Creative Infographic Slides
  • Quotes & Testimonials Slides
  • Simple World Map Slides
  • Contact Slides

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