Discussion on Better Real Estate Flyer Template

Discussion on Better Real Estate Flyer Template

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I like the template! Nice and clean! Also, the colors are lovely! Very good job and I hope you’ll have a lot of sales!

Thanks dude! :)

Great work on this one. Love the layout and white green combination used. Also good choice on image. Good luck! :)

Thanks Rewroc! :)

Can you please assist with locating the fonts used? I bought the template so that I could save time and now that the fonts aren’t working I am having to spend time chasing them or to now go and find some that I like to fit the theme, but if you could provide the correct fonts that would be appreciated. The ones provided in the text ‘readme’ file do not all work.


Ballpark was the only link that did not work, it appears to have been removed from fontsquirrel.

Georgia is a default system font and should not require downloading. Signika and Web Symbols were the other two.

I just purchased this file. Can you please advise on what program is best to edit the file in?

i just purchased this file tonight, and i am having some difficulties inserting my photo’s where you have the blanks. (so that your “borders” go around each one). can you help?

In PS CS2 or higher, select the thumbnail layer to edit then in the top menus go to Layer > Smart Object > Edit Contents. The thumbnail smart object will open as a new document. Insert and position your image, the border inside the smart object is just there as a guide. Once done, save (File>Save) and close the thumbnail smart object. The border will appear around the image in the main document. Repeat for the other 2 thumbnails.

How do I edit this file… do i need a certain software

You need a minimum version of Adobe Photoshop CS2.

I just purchased and download the files. How do I open as a Photoshop file and edit? Only files I see in the download are for Adobe Indesign and other unknown software. Where is the photoshop file? Thanks

I just rechecked and the download zip file only contains 8 Photoshop .psd files and 1 readme.txt. Maybe you are looking at another download?

Yes you are correct. I’m confused. Sorry for the miscommunication. Thank you for the great flyer.

Hi, buddy. I want to transform all the objects in your art at the same time to fit in A5 (148×210mm – 5.83×8.27inch) without losing quality. Are all the objects vectors and texts? Transform to fit without losing quality: Is this possible?

Yes, you can scale it up or down any size.

The 4 small images are smart objects with layer styles to make the borders. They can be image resized inside the smart object but it shouldn’t matter.

Everything else is vector or text.


Is it easy to modify the size of your template to A4 or A5 for european use ? What command do i have to do for that ? What about the margin ?

Best regards

I will get these all converted asap. I apologize for the long reply delay.

It is easy to convert if you know some basic Photoshop but otherwise it could be difficult since it is a complex program. There are always many ways to do everything.

I usually do Image > image size it to the width all boxes checked, then extend canvas height image > canvas size with relative unchecked. Then move the bleed guides for 5mm bleeds (2.5mm per side) and adjust things for proper A4 margins/layout/type/grid etc.

Some just make a new doc with the default A4 or A5 template under international paper preset, drag guides to edge first for bleed, then extend canvas 5mm total with relative checked to make it simple, and drag everything at once from one to the other and adjust. If it is smaller, Ctrl + T while holding shift to transform it all smaller.

I’ll get it up soon. As well as the other item in this series and corporates.