Big Pack of Colourful 3D Layer Styles

Big Pack of Colourful 3D Layer Styles

Five different sets of Colourful 3D Layer Styles

  • 6 Colourful Glossy Layer Styles
  • 6 Colourful Sleek 2.0 Layer Styles
  • 6 Shiny Metallic Layer Styles
  • 6 Colourful Embossed Layer Styles
  • 6 Colourful Soft Plastic Layer Styles

Top Quality Photoshop Text Effects – Premium Style for your Texts

These Layer Styles are really useful when it comes to game graphics, products mockup, party flyers, and even business cards. In general They’re awesome for every web usage

Catchy text effects!

-1 .psd file with these text examples
-1 .asl file with these 30 amazing Layer Styles
-1 .txt file with the instructions
-1 .jpg file with a few tips

Great effects and amazing results! AWESOME price!!

real 3D look Embossed Photoshop Text Effects

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