BigBadRobo - Strong Illustrative Robot Mascot Logo

BigBadRobo - Strong Illustrative Robot Mascot Logo

BigBadRobo – Bold Illustrative Robot Mascot Logo For Your Creative Business

This is an illustrative robot / droid mascot logo which is perfect for many businesses, especially those strongly related to art, creativity, cool ideas, invention and technology.

Create your custom robot mascot with this pack, and you’ll end up with your very own unique logo! To make things easier, we have included a mini robot creator inside.

    The Kid Mascot Creation Pack includes:

  • 5 different robot heads.
  • Few head accessories to choose from.
  • 5 different body shapes.

  • Everything is done in vector, so it his highly customizable and can be resized without loss of quality.

    Colors are in CMYK and it’s very easy to edit. Just click the colored area and pick a color to change them! The full color version of this logo still looks great when printed on smaller media (such as name card and thank you card).

    Concepts and ideation:

    Fun and happy illustrative mascot for a logo is too popular nowadays so I’m taking a slightly ‘darker’ approach for this one. A big, mean-looking robot can look so darn good for a logo, especially if you want to convey strength, self-esteem and boldness in your business.

    Since this is not an exclusive logo template, we put an extra effort to include a mini robot creator inside. We believe that the more customizable the mascot, all the better for the buyers to come up with their very own unique logo.

      Important notes:

    • Although possible, printing this logo with less than 3 colors are not recommended as this one is illustrative in style. When in doubt, always go with full CMYK printing.
    • This logo consists of gradient and transparency effects, so please make sure your Adobe version is CS and above.
    • White and bright-colored background is recommended.
    • Font used are Commando which can be downloaded for free here.
    • Personal customization of the logo / mascot (e.g. additional mascot elements, custom body parts etc) is possible with additional pricing. Just drop me a line via my profile page!

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