Discussion on BIGIdea Power Point Presentation

Discussion on BIGIdea Power Point Presentation

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good nice work

Not sure if I am missing something here. I paid quite a bit for this presetation and only have 7 slides with hardly any animation..

Please dont tell ai paid 28 AUD for 7. Slides. Wiyh no real content.

Please help

I dont mind the mica presentation seems way better

Hi acg000, Prices are established by the Envato Staff, this item was published 5 years ago, Mica was published 2 years ago, that’s why there is a big difference in the content and options.

By the way, I’ll contact with support and I’ll request a price adjustment for this presentation.

I asked for a refund a year ago and got nothing. This presentation is not Widescreen as presented on the screenshots.

This is NOT a widescreen presentation. The mocks up make it look like it is. I bought this only because I thought it was widescreen. Can I get a refund? :\

Please.. I want to buy the MICA presentation instead. It suits my needs much better and it was made by you as well…

Soy hondureño, por el contenido y los nombres de alguno de tus files, asumo que tu tambien. Felicidades!

Great work! Any chance there may be a Keynote version of this in the works? There is broken link floating around in various posts (e.g.,, implying that there once was a set of Keynote files somewhere. I would appreciate a response. Thanks

woowwww…this is great ! i like it

Hi, I just purchased this template. My company is red and black. I thought it was easy to replace the colours but I can’t. Would u mind to explain me how to get a red button and black and red background please? Thx in advance

Excellent design !! Good Luck with sales ;)

Hi everyone,

I just downloaded this awesome presentation. Everything works fine except that there is no psd file, which is annoying because the logo is hard to modify. EDIT: my mistake, there is a psd file (only the background, which is sufficient for me who needs to review the logo)

Replace the “sample logo” with your own my friend, I’m not selling a logo template, I’m selling a PPT presentation, sorry.

EAMejia, congratulations on selling 1000 copies of this presentation! Good luck!

Celebrating the 1000 sale, It is top sale for this category. Congratulion EAMeajia!

I downloaded this presentation and there are no .ppt or .pptx files included. Can you help me out as I do not have a Mac. Thanks!

It’s very strange, try downloading it again.

It looks very nice on first look so we bought it. But it does not feature ppt master templates and the font “Rockwell” is not a free font. Only the background is a PSD file, the other elements are jpg/png and not directly editable. We’re disappointed because the decription seemed to promised more for the price…

Thanks for NOTHING !

What a terrible waste of time. Buyer beware.

I finally found the button to change the language. It has to be the language for THAT DOCUMENT not for PowerPoint.

Then you have to go through EACH TEXT BOX on each page – select all – go to the REVIEW tab – click the LANGUAGE button and change to English.

REALLY ? I spent more time fixing this template than I have actually preparing my presentation.

Never heard from the Author. I’m checking out the return policy.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I was not available the last 7 days, a few clicks were enough to fix it, nothing complicated.

I am sorry that you are the first buyer of nearly 900 that carries a “bad experience” with this file. I would recommend reading the user comments and descriptions of each file before buying, there you would have found some answers to your questions.

If you feel cheated, contact support, if your arguments are valid, it is certain that they take care of the problem. Again apologies for any inconvenience caused by purchasing this file.

I’m getting pretty frustrated with this item. First – it doesn’t comform to the standard use of Master slides. I had to redo everything so it will actually function LIKE A TEMPLATE . The point is NOT to redo every slide and endlessly manually change the page numbers.

Then – the darn thing uses a Spanish or French dictionary – I’ve spent an hour trying to figure out how to change that.

I’m pretty disappointed right now.

I hope you will have a solution to the Non-English dictionary issue.


Hi. Great template.

Did you make this on a Mac or PC? Did you use Rockwell TrueType or another format?

The Rockwell Font looks different on my Windows PC. The letters look a little crooked.

Hope you can help.


Hi Eamejia,

The presentation is amazing!!

I hope this is not a silly question, but i was wondering if this presentation could be embedded into a website page?

Thank you!

Hi, Can I open and make changes in powerpoint 2003? Cheers, j

Yes you can ;)


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