Binoculars Mock-ups

Binoculars Mock-ups

Binoculars Mock-ups

Here is a finely detailed model of vintage binoculars. These are the old binoculars that tourists have to put a quarter into to check out the scenery, usually from the top of a building or at the seaside.

Create your own scene in minutes by using the Smart Objects provided for:

  • the viewer content
  • the plate design
  • the background

You can adjust:

  • the binoculars shininess by tweaking the reflection layer
  • the viewer inner shadow effect
  • the background bluriness

You can create easily a depth of field effect (see the user guide).

The binoculars are on a separate layer so you can move and resize them.

The 3 files are corresponding to 3 binoculars views: from left, from right and from front.

You can use these mock-ups for professional and personal creations:

  • web site banner and illustration
  • Facebook timeline
  • product package
  • brochure, flyer
  • t-shirt
  • etc…

CONTENT of the Binoculars Mock-ups package

  • 3 clearly layered PSD files
  • 1 PDF User Guide

Note: images in the above preview are not included


  • high resolution : 4808×3400px and 3400×4808px
  • suitable for print (300dpi) and web (72dpi)
  • compatible with Photoshop CS2 and above
  • exclusively on Graphicriver


I really want to thank two really awesome guys: Remco and Joren Kandel. Remco created the initial model of binoculars and Joren made it available at the Pixellab site.

Many thanks to Carol M. Highsmith for the nice ‘Candlestick Park aerial’ view (here) and to Brocken Inaglory for the great ‘Cliff house from ocean beach’ image(here).

Have fun with these Binoculars Mock-ups!

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