Black n White File Manager UI Design

Black n White File Manager UI Design

Simple yet beautiful and exclusive UI elements focused on File Manager systems, containing 8 pixel icons carefully made, and button background (black and white) for each the containing element. Both, white and black buttons work fine either in black, white or colored backgrounds, although the white buttons do look particularly good on the colored backgrounds.

UI Elements

- New File
- New Folder
- Edit
- Rename
- Move Duplicate
- Move
- Delete

Layered and Styled Items

All item are easy to find and are wall named and grouped in layers. Since the icons are pixel icons, they are not sizable, although are easy to manipulate since compounded (with more than one element) icons have each item separated. The buttons are also easy to be edited, since they using the layer style Gradient-Overlay (small italic “fx” under the layers). Just go the and change.

Font Information

All button label are written using the Tahoma Font, which comes with all copies of windows since 1995. For Mav user this font has become a default operating system font only since 2007, from Mac OS X v10.5 and forward. For that reason you might need to download it. For Linux user there two main options for font replacement. Wine Tahoma Regular and Wine Tahoma Bold, designed to have identical metrics to the Tahoma font. To use them you need to install the Wine Software. So in this case you’ll not install the font it sel, but the whole Wine package.

Trutype and OpenType Download:
Linux Font Download:

Altough I’ve made these elements with Tahoma, they are fullly editable, so if you prefere you can only change the native project font for one that suits you better.

Fireworks Layered PNG

One last thing good to be noticed, is that the PNG file included in the ZIP isn’t jut a flat transparent PNG. It’s a layered Fireworks file for those who prefer working with this specific software.

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