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Sexy :)

absolutely fantastic

Very Nice! Fantastic work with the shapes! :)

:O Awesome!! great work Constantin!

Nice and clean. Thumbs up!

Thanks buddy. Glad you all like it ;)

Out of this world man!

Much appreciated ;)

High impact design/concept, I love it Sir Constantin

Amazing! Very effective, strong build. Well done!

Tot respectul! :)

I have paid and downloaded. All i have is 2 files, one the help pdf and the other Black & White Flyer Template by Constantin Potorac.psd. Both sow the same help page. I cant get onto the forum page because it has been shut down. HELP PLEASE !!!!!!

Hey there,

Thank you for the purchase.

The file has one PDF file and a PSD file. The single PSD file contains all 3 designs in it. Go inside the PSD file and de-activate the Info and Guidelines layer. Than activate the other layers in order to see the design.

If you need any editing work in case you do not have experience with this please contact me through my page.

Thank you,

Constantin Potorac