Bokeh Action + 3 Extras

Bokeh Action + 3 Extras

You have seen Bokeh backgrounds, Bokeh wallpapers, Bokeh camera-effects and what not.. Today, I present to you a unique, custom and never seen before action that throughout smart & studied steps, automatically creates the so beloved BOKEH effect on any photography, any image and any scene.

Please.. see for yourself! – This action automatically, with the tick of your mouse-click, converts your image into a Bokeh-effect image.

*Certified after more than 50 tests on different images (photographies, scenes & environments with different brightnesses, light-sources and contrasts)

What’s inside?

  • 1 Example PSD for preview + JPEG -Images of each action (showing the result)
  • 1 Action File .ATN
  • 2 Help Files (.TXT & .PDF)


  • Action leaves named & organized layer-structure behind (view image)
  • Tested on numerous images, sizes and scenes
  • Smart blurring -> automatically create bokehs where it has to!
  • 1 Example PSD and JPEG -Images of each Action for a fast preview!


  • Not to do
  • There can be no open documents when playing the action
  • Requirements for Bokeh-action
  • There must be any type of light-source(s) available. Obviously, a black and totally dark image is not recommended.

  • Colored, named and organized layers & folders are provided after the action finishes for further customization: Lowering the folder’s opacity, erasing some parts with the Layer Mask, etc..

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