Bokeh Bomb Creation Kit

Bokeh Bomb Creation Kit

Bokeh Bomb Creation Kit is a set of Photoshop actions, brushes, gradients and images to help you add stunning bokeh effects to your photos. The actions are fast, easy-to-use and extremely fun. You’ll have a lot of fun experimenting with the effects on a variety of photos.

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Product Features

  • 8 Stunning Smoke Effects
    Choose the perfect effect for your photo! This action set comes with a variety of styles.
  • Save Time with Snapshot Prerendering
    Play one action and pick the effects. This saves you time because you can switch effects instantly without having to play each action one-by-one.
  • Fast Rendering
    The bokeh bomb effect is created using a minimalist set of layers that are simple yet fully editable. This reduces the number of steps involved and makes the actions fast.
  • 100% Nondestructive Editing
    All effects are created nondestructively. Your layers are never merged and the layers are easily editable.
  • Bonus 20 Bokeh Gradients
    Quickly change the color of your bokeh with the included gradients. Gradients are the most preferable way to colorize layers and look much better than other methods.
  • Bonus 180 High-Res Bokeh Overlays
    Need more bokeh? Use the bokeh overlays! They’re high-res and simple to use. Simply place them in your document and change the blending mode to Screen or Linear Dodge.

Action List

  • Step 1
  • Step 2 (Large)
  • Step 2 (Medium)
  • Step 3 (Small)


  • 20 Bokeh Gradients
  • 180 High-Res Bokeh Overlays

Works With

  • Photoshop CS3 and newer (including Photoshop CC)
  • Mac and Windows