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Discussion on Book Mockup HQ

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Congratulations on a wonderful looking Mock-up.

I however have a pressing question before I purchase… I need the book on the same mock as the CD so it can be a combo…

is the book and shadows separate from the background so I can drag it into another mock? or?

Hello there, YES, everything is made separate, you can combine elements however you like. You can also disable shaddows and reflections so you can place mockups wherever you like. I wish you much success with your project!

This saved me SO MUCH TIME, because I used to do my mockups the old-fashioned way. And, thankfully, I had your YouTube instruction to help me figure it out. I pretty much only use Illustrator, so I’m not familiar with Photoshop’s new ways of doing things. I’d have been lost without BOTH your template and tutorial. Thank you! 5 stars!

Great, I am glad it helped. I´ve put much work into this book mockup and made it the best it can be! Thank you for the purchase and for your comment. Best!

Can I do a square cover with these templates? Thanks

Hi there, no, this mockups are standard book and ebook format, but I believe there are a couple of square mockups avaliable on GraphicRiver. Cheers!

I just wanted to say thank you.

This is exactly what we need to organise our virtual book tours. The quality is excellent – 5 stars without a doubt

Great & great! Thank you VERY much for your comment.

Ygor -

What’s involved in getting the book to my actual book size. I posted this on Squidoo, too.

My book is landscape and I would like to place my cover design and have it to the dimensions/ratio of my actual book size. thanks!

Hey there, tnx for your comment. This mockup is standard e-book dimension and cannot be changed, it is “as is”. You have two options. First you can modify the format of your book to fit the mockup, probably not very practical. The other option is that you check around for other mockups, for other dimensions that would fit your need more. Hope this helps. Best!

It totally worked and was a snap. I did two projects with it right after I purchased it.

Great, glad to hear that, keep it up! I wish you much success with your projects ;)

Hi, I just purchased it but in the download area, it only gives me the option to download the licence. How do I get the actual file? Thanks.

Hi there, thanks for the purchase. You should have both files available for download, please check again. If not, please contact Envato, they will be able to help you.

Hi Ygor,

just found your youtube video which led me to graphicriver.

Well…I’d like to ask if these templates work with Gimp. I don’t have Photoshop at the moment….

Thanks in advance! K.

Sorry, no, I don´t think it works in Gimp. But you can download the trial version of Photoshop, works for 30 days, you can do your work there.


super, amazing work, well done, easy to use, easy to modify, love it- thanks for selling, 5*+

Thank you, and thank you for taking the time to write this comment!

I was looking for something like this! Amazing pack! I will order, just wanted to know if you have any video to see how it’s works. Thanks!

Hi there, thanks. Yes, there is a video and also a short article about it, you can find it here:

This is great! Mucho for money!

Thanks, yes, I always work hard to offer best quality for best value ;)


I recommend the Grand Art, everything works perfectly !

Simple, easy and fast for a pro hyper result !

Félications to IGOR! it changes some crappy flow images I purchased from other developers on Envato …

Here everything works great with Photoshop Version French.

I really recommend it ! ! !

Hello, thanks A LOT for your comment! I am glad you like the product and I am happy to deliver as it should be delivered!

Thanks for this great template. I’m having problems saving the file after placing the image. Your help will be appreciated

Hi, tnx for your purchase. As for your problem, I would need more information? File is quite simple and it should work, it is possibly a Photoshop issue.

Please see this video, where I recorded exactly how the file is being used and how mockups are created, it is simple as that:

In case of further problems, please contact me over email, we will find the solution. I also created an article on the topic, which can be of further help:


Hi. The width is too large for the standard 6’x9’ book. How can I fix this without re-doing the cover? Thanks

Hi, sorry for the late response, did not see the comment. This is a standard “e-book” format, but will work with similar dimensions, however in that case you should probably modify your cover a bit to make a perfect fit. Best

Hi there, can I drag an A4 image in and will the book size adjust or is it adjustable in an easy way and also can I make the book look thinner, say only 10 pages or something like that?

Thank you

Hi, sorry for the late answer, found it just now.

The look of the mockup cannot be adjusted to look thinner, it is “as is”. However you can change the cover and colors all you like. Also there are different mockups, so you can use the one that most reflects what you want to achieve. Best