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good and tasty , i like it much :) GL

Thank you :D

Nice template. :) However, I have an issue. The ChunkFive font being used within the template does not include all of the umlaut characters present in my language (Swedish), which also means it doesn’t work for many other European languges (such as german for example).

Do you have any idea about another font with similar properties that we can use to replace the ChunkFive font. And how would you suggest to go about replacing it document-wide without having to replace the font in every single occasion where it occurs.

Please Help. :)

Hi Stevesan,

Did you check in “Glyphs” does Chunk five font have umlaut characters you need (Windows/Type & Tables/Glyphs – hotkey – Alt+Shift+F11).

Another similar font you can use in the template is Roboto Slab or Aleo. Those fonts are not so bold but both of them have all alphabetic and Cyrillic umlaut characters.

If you want to change the font in entirely document go to File/Package/Fonts and click on Find Font. In new window select font you want to change and font family you want to be replaced with and click Change All.

Hope this was helpful. If you need anything else please feel free to contact me here or thru email.


Hi. Thanks for your reply. No unfortunately the ChunkFive font does not have all umlauts as glyphs (some but not all).

I tried the fonts you suggested, but they were a bit thin. But I found that Alfa Slab One is pretty close to ChunkFive but with all umlauts.

Thanks for the quick feedback. :)