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Awesome design, Good lock

Hi, I hope you are doing well.

I’ve never bought Google Slides before. How would it work?

I buy it and then what do I do? I “import” them to Google Slides?


It’s to easy, After purchase, you just need to go to Google Slides, then “Open” it, and start working on it, for more information on how to work with google slides, you can go to this link and see a brief introduction and tutorial of Google Slides.


Before I purchase this template, I have one question: Is it possible to change the color of all slides in one time? Because I want to change the colors to the colors of our company.

Thanks in advance for you answer!

Yes, after your purchase, you can send to me an email. I will guide you, how to change the color theme, or you can send to me your RGB numbers of your brand colors, I will re-color it and send it back to you. But, it’s been designed based on 4 to 6 colors. Your logo colors should have 4 or 6 colors, but if your logo is based on one color, you can find other templates from my portfolio .


how do I change the layout to a 4:3 ratio in Google Slides, without having to change every slide individiually?


Hi there,

Thanks for your purchase. It just need a little time and professional knowledge of Google Slides. Could you please send to me an email through my profile page or this link to find your email, and send the 4:3 to your email.

are the slides also animated?

No, slides are not animated. But giving animation into slides are too easy in Google Slides and don’t need much time.

hi there, before buying the template, I would like to know if the graphs are fully editable? I will be able to include my number and have the graph ready? Considering the infographic, I will be able to edit and change colors? Thanks in advance for your support. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yes sure, the graphs and bars are fully editable in Keynote and PowerPoint version.

If I buy the ppt version, it will be readable through google slides, correct? Not editable, but readable!

yes, you can try it.

It gave me an error uploading it in Google Slides, then I can’t see nothing in the presentation.

Can you help me?

Hi There, Thanks for your purchase. It’s the first time, I’ve faced with such a comment. Any way, to open and upload a Google Slides template, you should open your Google Drive, open a new Google Slide document, then go to “File” menu, and open the template by upload it. If it didn’t work, you can send to me an email through my profile page or this link I will help. Thanks, Jafar

Hello Jafar, Very nice template! Thank you! Is it normal buttons (arrows in circles) to navigate inside the presentation don’t work? It looks that there is no more hyperlink.

Yes, if you buy its PowerPoint version ( the buttons are active and you can go to next or previous buttons. But, I don’t think; it can work on Google Sheets or Slides.

I should have buy it instead Google Sheets version because it takes too many time to edit slides in Google Sheets. :( I edit them in Powerpoint and I convert them.

OK. Could you please send to me an email through my profile page or this link to solve your issue.

I’d like to use the Lato font in Illustrator. I thought this font was on my system, but I can’t find it. I tryed to find it online, but I couldn’t find it. Can you please tell me how I could use this font outside of Powerpoint?

Hi There,

You can find it from this link:

Hi, I bought this template and I have one question: Is it possible to change the font and color scheme of the Full Colors Template to suit our corporate identity?

Hi There, Thanks for your purchase. The color scheme can be changed according to your corporate identity colors. The fonts can be changed during your edit by yourself. You can send to me an email through my profile page to have your RGB numbers of your brand color.

Hello… If I want my presentation to have an A4 vertical layout. Would I be Able to rearrange and aedits the slides to adapt to that format?

Yes, sure, because all the elements are editable. BUT it will takes time to re-arrange a horizontal designed layout into a vertical one.

Hey author, this looks awesome!
  • I would like to know if its fully animated and do you have any video preview for the slide animations.

Hi There,

It’s the Google Slides version of the Boost Business. But it’s not animated, because Google Slides doesn’t have fully animated tools. But, you can see its PowerPoint and Keynote version which is fully animated: