Bootstrap Grid

Bootstrap Grid

Why is this convenient?

Do the trick in 1 click!
This Photoshop’s action was mainly thought for all of you, web designers and developers out there. As a web designer, I realized It took me a lot of time to set up my Photoshop canvas each time I needed to start a new project. But now, with this action, it’s just question of seconds: the action does the trick for me! Now it’s so much easier, especially when I’m working on big and elaborate projects I save a lot of time.

What does this package contain?

“Bootstrap Grid” contains:
PHOTOSHOP ACTION SET (BootstrapGrid.atn) with 4 actions (one for each screen size used by Bootstrap4)
  • 12 Column Grid XL
  • 12 Column Gird LG
  • 12 Column Grid MD
  • 12 Column Grid SM
4 PSDs
  • 12-Column-Grid-XL.psd
  • 12-Column-Grid-LG.psd
  • 12-Column-Grid-MD.psd
  • 12-Column-Grid-SM.psd

How does each action work?

Step 1 – Creates a new document
Step 2 – Creates the guide of the grid
Step 3 – Gives to all 12 columns a background color to make them pop up.
Step 4 – ...You’re ready to do your magic and design your new masterpiece! Cool right?