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Thank you mfcoelho

Thanks Giallo

Wow! Good job! :)

Thanks env1ro

Wow, very sexy and fresh Mock Up!

Thank you very much vectorspecies

Great Mock Up! Thanks. I’ve been working on the label design for my client (Czech brewing company):

Thank you frbird. You did a great job with the label design.

Hi, I am having issues with the labels. Is the font a layer? I know how to get into the labels to edit, but I can’t change the fonts to the wording I would like.

Hi Kirstyk,

Thanks for buying this item.
I think it is a misunderstanding. This is a mock up. The subject of this trade is the bottle beer, not the label.
You can read in description: “Place your own label design.”
The label are used for illustration only. Place your own label design in the Smart Object.

I hope I answered to your questions. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

These look great.

Any chance you could do a mock up for some beer mats / Coasters. There are no good one’s on here.

A round one and a square cornered one would be awesome.

Great work.

Thanks hey_funboy.
Maybe in the future but not too soon.