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are you able to do this with a wooden box at all?

I’m taking your inquiry. So I will look for a wooden box that will do the job, but I’m not 100% sure that I’ll find one.

Hi, is there a way to specify/edit the box size ? width, height and length ? I need to model a specific box size

Thank you, Joie

No it’s photorealistic, it’s photo mockup

Dissapointed with the purchase. It only allows to edit the logo. It does not allow editing the texture / pattern on the boxes.

I was expecting a 3d product mockup where I can apply the 2D graphic into the 3D surface.

There’s nowhere described that this item contains a 3D object. It’s photorealistic which means this is a photo mockup. And from the screenshot preview it’s perfectly realizeable.

You can expect much things, but you should buy the proper items for that.

This is a really lovely mockup but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re certain your needs require a grungy/destroyed looking box. Probably not appropriate for a mockup for a clothing store, etc. Has a very “used” feeling. But gorgeous nonetheless, I’m sure I’ll find a way to use it somehow!


I do not recommend this mockup for those who want to change the background colour. The way the box was isolated from the background is just bad! There is a lot of black colour cast on the box, so anything besides a very, very dark background looks horrible. The box was isolated with what looks like 3 clicks with the polygonal lasso, so it is all edgy and aliased.

We wanted to save some time with this mockup, but ended doing mockups from scratch anyway.

Sure, I have zoomed in, but just to show how the box was isolated. Anyway, you can clearly see the overcut at 100%. Light on a white background just bounces off differently and those black shadow edges look out of place.

I will clear the bugs of the whole item, but I still don’t think for 1px border it deserves 1 star :) Thanks!

Updated and fixed. I hope you can enjoy your purchase now :)