Brand Guidlines II Template

Brand Guidlines II Template

22 page high-end print-ready A4 & A5 Indesign Brand Guidelines II Template

Replace the placeholder images with your own and replace the placeholder text with your own.


  • A4 & A5 Indesign Template
  • Vector assets (Placeholder Logos, shapes etc)
  • Character & paragraph styles
  • Object Style
  • Help File
  • Color swatches for simple color editing through whole document
  • Images, text and backgrounds are separated on different layers


  • This document is compatible with indesign CS4, CS5 & CS6 – Includes an IDML file which IS compatible with CS4+
  • The downloaded file also includes IMDL INDT files.
  • In the zip:

    • A4 & A5 Indesign .indd CS6
    • A4 & A5 IMDL (CS4)
    • A4 & A5 INDT
    • Tiff Image Placeholder
    • .EPS Stationery Objects
    • jpg Background
    • Planer is available for free here:
    • Bender is available for free here:
    • Liberation Sans is available for free here:
    Does not include photographs 1_agencyproposal3_0 2_dividedannualreport 3_dividedmulticorp 4_dividedproposal 5_bigbrand 6_grafik 7_intrsct 8_rw 9_rwproposal 10_basel 11_luxury 12_companyprofile 13_brandguidelinesii 14_agencyproposalii 15_selectedproposal 16_annualreportii 17_highlight 18_interiors 19_brochure 20_brandguidelinesii 21_brandbook 22_lookbook 23_swisslookbook 24_creativeresume 25_annualreport 26_minimalswiss 27_minimalphoto 28_brochure 29_magazine 30_poster 31_brandguidelines 32_resume 33_agencyproposal