Breezoo UI Pack

Breezoo UI Pack

“Breezoo UI” controls is a set made to make Web & Interface designers’ lives much easier. With just a couple of clicks you can easily ajust it to your needs – color, shape, size… It completely consists of Vector Shape Layers so it’s pretty easy for you.

This set gives you ready to use solutions for huge part of the most used Web UI elements /and also some Apps UI elements/.

All the elements are accurately organized into layers and groups. This package contains more than 30 web & application components and some have more than one variation. If you want to present your web applications in an awesome way – this is the set for you!

Bonuses Included:
1. Ribbons&Price tags
2. Social Stuff /icons & buttons/
3. Rating Stars
2. Font suggestions

1. Vector-Shape Layers – easy to modify & edit. Preserve the crisp edges
2. Fully scalable elements
3. Change the color of elements with adjustment layers in a couple of seconds.
4. Organized into layers and layer groups nicely.
5. Button states – Normal, Hover, Pressed, Disabled
6. PNG export for each component.

List of all included components:

  • 1. Navigation Bar
  • 2. Btns /5 types/
  • 3. Tabbed Navigation
  • 4. Combo Box
  • 5. List
  • 6. Date Field
  • 7. Text Fields
  • 8. Check Btn
  • 9. Radio Btn
  • 10. Stepper
  • 11. Switch Btn
  • 12. Search Field
  • 13. Scroll Bar_A
  • 14. Scroll Bar_B
  • 15. Progress Bar_A
  • 16. Progress Bar_B
  • 17. Range Selector
  • 18. Small Tooltip
  • 19. Big Tooltip
  • 20. Breadcrumbs_A
  • 21. Breadcrumbs_B
  • 22. Login Panel
  • 23. Modal Window_Alert
  • 24. Modal Window_Notification
  • 25. Sticker_A
  • 26. Sticker_B
  • 27. BONUSES

In this package you will find the following files:
1. Adobe Photoshop – PSD (version CS and up). Well organized into layers and layer groups.
2. PNG – PNG exports for each component without the text

How to use:
PSD- to open you need Adobe Photoshop CS (or above). Simply click File—>Open (Ctrl + O on a PC).

Links to suggested fonts:
Helen Bg – Used in this set
Helen Bg normal

Other choices you can use:
Franlink Gothic
Hebar normal
Good old Helvetica
If you need to use serifs:
ITC New Baskerville
Adobe Garamond
System and web safe fonts:
Arial, Tahoma