Discussion on Brilliant 3D Liquid Effects

Discussion on Brilliant 3D Liquid Effects

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I just purchased the PSD 3d Liquid Layers Effects Pack. Like some others, I can’t open any of the files. If I try to open the psds in Photoshop, it will say “Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document” even though they are psds.

When I went to unzip the package, I got an error for every file because they contained a colon ( : ) character. I am on a Windows PC, and Windows does not allow filenames to have a colon in them. I suspect that is what is causing all the problems.

Could I get a new set of files please? Maybe try renaming the files without the colon and repackaging? Or failing that, can I get a refund? (I’d rather get the files to work though. These look great!)

UPDATE: I think the colon thing is indeed the problem. I have unzipped with zip file with 7-zip, which removes colons from filenames, and now I can open all the files just fine.

So if anyone else is on a Windows PC and unable to open the files, try unzipping the zip folder with 7-zip instead.

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I was wondering why some of you could not open the files. I made them on a Mac, and had no idea Windows would not allow colons in their file names. If anyone else is having trouble, I am updating the files now and will re upload shortly. Thank you again deftbutdaft!

Hey also, send me an email ... I’ll send you a couple more liquid effects that aren’t included in this pack. As a thank you. Hope these ones worked out for you as well! Thank you!

please reply .. where are the assets that are advertised with the template .. the cup, the bottle, the box .. i need that .. please reply asap

Hi followeuphoria, so what you purchased were the liquid effects. The images you see advertised on the product page are just examples I created to show what you can do with the different liquid effects. But I definitely don’t want you to be disappointed so I would be more than happy to share the mock-up examples I made to showcase the effects, including the vodka bottle and whatever else caught your eye… shoot me an email at and I’ll send you a download link for the files. Sorry it’s not quite what you were expecting when you purchased the effects but I’ll do what I can to make things right. Thanks! -Erin

i bought this for my logo to go on the bottle with the drip already on there in blue .. the template i bought is not available in the editor please provide the bottle as well as instructions on how to make the same effect when draging the logo to the logo layer thanks

Hello, I’ve purchased this but it seems I’m unable to open this is photoshop

Hi which file are you referring to? Is there a specific one that you are having trouble with? Feel free to email me directly at I’d be more than happy to resend you files or walk you through anything. Thanks!

hey, love this. can you recommend any good fonts that have the ‘drip’ effect. how did you achieve this, please? TIA

Hey Tom! Thank you for your purchase. So I actually spent a good amount of time searching for dripping fonts. I did find some, but to be honest, none of them looked very good. So I widened my search to some nice script or hand written fonts. Ill list a few of them below. But once I found a nice font I then just painted each drip in the same color as the font with a small, hard round brush. There is a lot of trial and error, so it can get a little boring, and tedious after awhile (especially since I dont have a wacom, I just used a mouse), but in the end, the results are quite nice. Now, if you don’t have the time to paint it out yourself, I would suggest a set of dripping or liquid photoshop brushes. Then you can just stamp the drips in and erase or hand paint in areas that dont quite fit or match. Here are a couple of free drip brushes I found:

- In fact, if I get some time this weekend, I’ll make a set of my own painted liquid drip brushes. Shoot me an email at and Ill send them to you if I end up do making them.

And here are some fonts that look good with this resource: Lastly, don’t get me wrong, you may actually end up finding some decent drip fonts, like this one for example:

But the reason this wouldn’t look good with this resource is because the font is too bold. So try to stick with fonts that are on the skinnier side. They just look a whole lot better.

Hopefully this helps. Also I would love to see what you end up making! Or if you need any more help or have any more questions you can reply to me here or send me an email. Thank you again for your support! I really appreciate it. Cheers!

Actually please disregard the email address I wrote above. You may contact me at – I still am unsure if I will have time to make the brushes but if I do, and you email me. I will definitely send them to you. Thanks!

Looks great! 8)

Sweet! Im glad the Effects worked for you! Thank you for your support! Cheers – Erin

I have just purchased the following effects package: Graphicriver-KW1FHeQ6-Brilliant-3D-Liquid-Effects. Unfortunately, the PDF help file is damaged. Can you send it to me? Many thanks in advance and best regards – Thomas Jäh

Absolutely. Thank you for bring this to my attention! You can download the help pdf here:

If for whatever reason you are still unable to view it, let me know and I can just send it to you in jpeg format. And if you have any questions or need help email me at Thanks again for your support and letting me know about the pdf. Cheers – Erin

I have just purchased the following effects package: graphicriver-KW1FHeQ6-brilliant-3d-liquid-effects.Unfortunatelme later? Many thanks in advance and best regards – Thomas Jäh

Beautiful Effects! Thank you!

Thank you! I really appreciate it!


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