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elegant and professional work :)

Thanks mate :)

Nice Brochure Template. :)

Thanks Buddy :)

dhonnobad bhai :)

Is it easy to change the orange color, if needed?

Hello benico,

Yes you Can Change The Color Easily, Just Change The Swatch Color, It Will Update All The Intenses In a Second.

Thanks! Nice brochure, I’ll give it a try!

how can I change the footer? Regards!

In the footer say “page no:” and “the brochure”, I want change these. How can I change it?

Please go to (Window > pages >A-Master> and change your as per required.

For further information contact me through my Email.


thanks a lot

Hey, Just a question for advice. |

Since the colorsceme is very stylish and clean, i was wondering if you have advise for image uses.

The images that i want to place look cheap within the template. Do you have advise for what kind of images or specifications i should look for. (as in coloring and setup)

With your template i noticed you used a lot of images containing either orange or yellow with white and grey. Is this something you actively looked for?