Brush Pack Professional Volume 0 - PhotoShade

Brush Pack Professional Volume 0 - PhotoShade

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Brush Pack Professional Volume 0 - PhotoShade - Artistic Brushes


This is full-functional* stylus pressure controlled brushes (*- no stamps) High-quality package will replace unsuitable standard gauss-sampled brush set.

Even if you do not use brushes a lot there is a good reason to extend the default PS set with this high-quality tool. (Because it is quite possible you’ll need them in the future.)

These brushes makes easy to build incredibly complex gradients and create amazing effects of light and shade based on studying of high quality photographic sample images. It uses digitally synthesized samples builded on researches of the author artist-graphic R. Melentyev.

Unlike other narrowly focused Brush Packs this set is important tool for every designer, and indispensable for CG Artists. Perhaps it is not so bright can be represented in the specific examples, but very useful in many tasks nessesary for designer with making volume effects, so that is serious saving time. The story of this tool continues who knows how much it will be soon, so As the author I recommend much to have this set for all users of Photoshop. Just look on this small example and answer yourself how much time will you spend with making this volume shading? Seems Not to have this one – is loosing in abilities.


  • For professional designers: to create sketches incredibly fast and high quality “sweety” images for presentation of your new ideas!
  • For beginners: Really enjoy drawing using this magic set with stylus!
  • For professional artists: Brush pack will help artists to create incredibly photorealistic images. You can really spent minutes in cases when usually spent hours with any other tools. (As Example see woman 30 minutes demo portrait)
  • For professional photographers: to edit photos providing them more depth gloss and expressiveness!

    You’ll love simplicity and effectiveness, so that You’ll include this brush pack in your permanent collection because you can not do anything like that with any other brushes as I did myself. As the Bonus there are included three brushes for well known “finger” smooth tool to improve this smoothing tool.

    Still wonder Why its Sensational? First of all, this brushes were not designed for sale and have been created for personal use and then for adobe perspective PS CS versions. Unfortunately for adobe, they asked for education in their country before talking about co-work. So the materials have not been demonstrated and technology was simplified and redesigned into brush pack *.ABR using current technology. You can enjoy this Brush Pack Vol. 0 PHOTOSHADE for a funny price against author’s original price 300 EUR, and no need to wait new version of PS!

    Time to create! Wait for other volumes coming soon.

    Exclusively for Envato.

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