Brush Pack Professional volume 5 - Techno Drome

Brush Pack Professional volume 5 - Techno Drome

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Brush Pack Professional volume 5 - Techno Drome - Photoshop Add-ons


This is about 130 brush stamps Tech shape brushes Collection. The main idea of this Brush sets is to make the complex task with easy way, but at the same time flexible enough to provide space for creative for designers, artists, interface designers, and texture artists.

Why this item?

When you need some hi-tech design you often need some collection of complex & non standard shapes. To get them you need first to spend much time to create some shapes library. And then arrange em:
a). This collection allows you skip loosing time for making shapes libruary. We tried to collect some Tech complex geometry shapes using classic sci-fi movies as inspiration.
b). Placing shapes with stylus also very suitable solution for arrangement of elements. It is more suitable than *.PNG libruaries etc. When turned on, brush shape contours are visible in Photoshop and lets you to aim desired element into exact location. Also alternating brush and eraser you can add or substract our shapes from layer as much times as you wish and it is very suitable decision to create new complex elements every time. Placing shapes into different layers allows you to use different bevel styles for each layer to make different volume extrusion and visual geometry of element to reach desired visual results.

Yes, It contains not just great number of brushes, but also awesome bevel styles collection to make you art looking as 3d. Make Tecnic design easy and with a real pleasure.

What is inside?

  • Almost 130 Different Brushes *.ABR with Tech Shape (more than in preview image) Just place em at your own way to create every time unique qualitive textures looking like 3d rendered in a minutes!
  • Great 4 sizes bevel styles *.ASL with fill transparency which allows you use any textured background. Simulate volume both with pressed out and pressed in style variations for each size!
  • Below you can see small example wich was created with this pack.


    I. 500×500 brush shape resolution size is optimal to create big and small tech parts.
    II. Very well tuned bevel styles uses author’s settings and provide sharp enough shape bevel strokes but with minimal possible distortions when folowing shape edges in the same time.
    III. Styles have transparent fills wich allow you to press in and out background texture.( For example you can use some brushed, or grunge & rusty metal textures as the background.)
    IV. Styles have transparent fills wich allow you to overlap layers to create complex objects simulation easier! Or you can set elemets above simple shaded drawings to make it more hi-tech and sci-fi looking!
    V. Major updates planned. (Shapes number of the pack planned to be increased)

    And finaly… don’t forget: Even if you do not use brushes a lot there is a good reason to extend the default PS set with this high-quality tool. (Because it is quite possible you’ll need them in the future.)