Béton Powerpoint Presentation Template

Béton Powerpoint Presentation Template

Béton Powerpoint Presentation Template - Creative PowerPoint Templates

Béton – A Modern Powerpoint Template
Who says Powerpoint has to be boring. Craft a lasting impression with this elegant, presentation template with a modern architectural style.

Great for digital eBooks, photo albums, architectural decks and creative agency presentations, these 236 hand-crafted, high-definition master slides have been specifically designed with tons of editable charts, unique page layouts and custom made vectors. With these flexible graphics you can simply and easily scale, collage and change the individual colors to suit your message. Along with vintage people, rugged banners and world maps you also get modern day icons for social media data, digital content and user statistics.

Béton is a highly customizable template, so you can easily define your own color themes and adjust the design for your individual vision. Or, simply insert your text, images and data and in just minutes you’ll be ready to delight your audience with this playful Powerpoint presentation.


  • 236 high definition master slides
  • 4 .pptx, .ppt and .thmx files
  • fully editable coordinating color systems
  • 59 unique custom screen designs
  • 218 customizable, scalable vector based icons
  • 17 photo gallery layouts
  • Tons of hand made infographic charts
  • 3 hand-crafted real concrete backgrounds
  • Easily editable automatic data charts, vectors and colors
  • Placeholders for images and embedded video
  • Extensive getting started guide with tons of tips and resources
  • Uses free fonts available online through links in the Help File

Please note: These sample screens were made especially impressive with the following architectural images, which are not included in the template – but you can get them all from PhotoDune

Image 1
Image 2
Image 4

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