Discussion on Business Brochure

Discussion on Business Brochure

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Do you have the layout in .idml ? It won’t allow me to upload this file type :(

I can make it for you as .idml if you need it? But I have included files for all Indesign versions in the package. What version of Indesign are you using? Simon

Can this file be opened / edited on photoshop?

No, not really. It’s made for Indesign, not Photoshop.

Ok no worries. Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi man, the links to the fonts don´t work. Where can I get them?

Hi there. Whoops. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll get that fixed asap. Meanwhile the font links are here:

Aller –

Kontrapunkt –

Dear Simon,

How can I change the order of the pages?

Thank you!

Hi—and thanks for buing my my template.

You can change the order of the pages, by going to the pages panel. Here you can mark the pages you want to move. Then you click the options icon in the pages panel, and chose “move pages”.

In the dialogue box that now appears, you can specify where you want to move the marked pages.

If you are unsure on how to do this, I can recommend going to YouTube. There are a ton of videos showing you how to work with Indesign.

Try searching for “indesign move pages” on YouTube. I just did that, and the very first video shows how to easily do this.

Hope this helps. Simon :)

I’ve bought this template and i’ve edited it, but when i export to pdf, i notice that the ‘blue background’ doesn’t print. even in your pdf that you’ve provided in the zip file, i find that the blue background hasn’t come in the pdf. how can i fix this as i want to email this brochure to clients (i won’t be printing it).

Hi there

Sorry for the late reply. I’m on vacation right now, so I’m a bit slow to get back—sorry for that.

The blue blackground in the brochure should definately be visible in your final PDF. I just checked the PDF that is included in the item download, and the blue background is there? Unless I’m misunderstanding your question.

When you export to a PDF, you get a dialog box, where you can make some settings, and choose which layers get exported. Maybe you need to adjust these settings—to make all layers export? Try to have a look at the settings in this export box, and see if everything is as it should be.

If you still have a problem, try to send me a PDF or a screenshot of what the problem is, and maybe I’ll be able to better help.


Can you please provide an email address so I can send you an attachment showing you what the problem is?


I purchased this brochure because I liked the look of it. I’m now trying to adapt and edit the brochure, but I’m new to Indesign and having a hard time. Could anybody tell me why all my pictures (they are good quality, bought on that I try to insert, are blurred?


Indesign as default only shows a low-res preview of your images inside the Indesign file. This make the program run much faster, since heavy pictures are not loaded in hi-res.

To show the images in a better quality, right click on the image and choose “Display performance” -> “High quality”.

But even as they are only shown in low-res as default, they will ofcourse export in great quality.

Ah, thanks, that’s very helpful!!

Hi, how do i open the file and how do i start editing it? Do i need a special program?


Hi there. Thanks for getting my brochure template.

This template is for Adobe Indesign. So you need to have that program installed, to edit the template. You can find more info at


Hi there,
great work.
I before worked with in however I found too difficult.
is that possible for you if I purchase it, provide me a PSD file that I can edit it?

Hi there. This brochure is only available as Indesign. I can’t provide a PSD.

Can anybody let me know, if a client ask for a brochure can i use this as a starting point ??

Yes you can. That’s actually exactly what it’s made for – being a starting point for ones own brochure needs. If you know Indesign, it’s perfect.

Nice and clean work :) looks great

Thanks a lot :-)

Hi, Beautiful design! I was wondering if this will print out as an 8.5×17 folded in half (each page being 8.5×11) or is it an 8.5×11 folded in half? Let me know. Thanks!

Thanks for the nice words.

Each page is 8.5×11 inches (for the Letter version of this brochure). So each page will print in that size.

If you were to print a spread, the size will be 2 times the width, but the same height. That means: 8.5×2 = 17. So 17×11 inches.

Clean and Professional! Awesome work. No doubt, it has a great sales. :)

Thanks, very much :-)

I purchased this and am using indesign 5.5. when I open the files, nothing comes up. I see a graphic for a second, then everything goes away and you get no images or anything, just blank white pages. what am I doing wrong?

Hi, I’m not sure what’s going wrong… The brochure is included as CS5 , CS4 and CS3 versions. Try opening one of the other versions, to check if this works better? Hope it does :-) Otherwise, try to unzip the file you downloaded with a different unzip program. Sometimes the unwrap program can damage files. All the best, Simon.

I have tried everything. Other CS files work fine, but for some reason when opening these I sometimes get the images/text/etc for a second, but then it goes away as soon as I click.

That sounds like a strange bug… maybe some software issue? If you supply me with your email address through a private message (through my profile), I’ll try to send you a file that is not zipped. This is probably all I can do… But I dont think it’s the files that are broken.

Have you tried to open the files on another computer?

Very good job! Congrats :)

Congrats on your Top New Author status! You must be thrilled at the purchases of this item and i look forward to seeing more items.

Thanks very much. And yes – I’m very thrilled and quite surprised :-)

The next item is awaiting approval – and will probably go online today or tomorrow. And the third and fourth item will be ready next week. So stay tuned :-)

All the best Simon

Nice brochure and welcome to GR !


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