Discussion on Business Card - Place Your Photo!

Discussion on Business Card - Place Your Photo!

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Good idea, clean but eyecatching design, everything well organized in that file – great work, thanks!

thank you very much for your purchase SIGA , glad you like it !

Downloaded and only have the front side. Any suggestions?

Hello dhphillips78’s, first of all thank you for your purchase!. Well the first thing i did was download the file by myself to check it and the front and back side are on the PSD File.The file was reviewed and checked before being uploaded so don’t worry i will explain you how to see the back side of the card. Inside the PSD file, in the layers panel you have 2 folders named: FRONT and BACK . To see the BACK folder you have to “hide” the front folder first by clicking on the eye at the left of the folder icon. Doing this you hide the front folder that is above of the back one. I hope that these instructions will be useful to you, and do not hesitate to contact me if you got problems!

No problems.

It was my fault and complete lack of experience with photoshop. However, with just a little looking at photoshop help I can see the back, insert a photo etc.

Still working on it, but amazing how easy it is to make changes etc. to the card.

Thanks for your quick response, and the card is awesome. Will be ordering from you anything else promotional I need for the business.

Thanks again,


I appreciate your words, and don’t worry I’ll help you or give you assistance in case you need it. And if you are in need of something and you don’t see it here you can ask me too; it would be a pleasure. I’m also a web designer. Well thanks again, have a nice week end dhphillips78’s!

Hey there! Great design and I’m looking forward to using it!

I am new to Photoshop however, and am having a hard time figuring out how to get my own image as the pic rather than the pre-loaded ones.

Any tips?

Thanks for your purchase toddatchison!. Can you send me an email so i can write to your address and send step by step how to insert your own images please? it is very simple but it will be more clear if i can write you in a plain email than write here on the comments panel. Best regards!

Sure thing.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Hi toddatchison, i just send you an email. Best regards!