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Nice item! Good luck. Might be needing this soon.

Thank you VHDesign!

Many great mockup amigo:)GLWS

Nice to hear you like them! Thanks!

Another amazing Mock-Up. Good luck with sales. Currently on top of my “to buy” list.

Thanks mate! I really appreciate it!

Very realistic work! good luck :)

Thank you very much!

I bought it, finally. Looking forward to showcase my work with this great mock-up. Good luck with further sales. ;)

Thank you very much for your comment & your purchase Eldis! I am looking forward too to see your awesome brand new designs presented with this mock-up! ;-)

Pre Purchase Question

Is it possible to use without cards. Only box.

No, it is not possible. Thank you for your interest at my products though! ;-)

Can send me white background? Beautiful work.

Hi and thank you for your purchase! What exactly do you mean with white background? You can have white color (or any color) for your background by disabling the texture layer. For more info look at the detailed help guide included in the zip file.

Amazing photorealistic quality. Easy to use and very well organized. The action included to render the Depth of Field is out of this world! Highly recommend!

Thank you for your purchase and your rating! Very nice to hear you liked it!

Thank you very much!

Really like your work! Quick question before I buy…Are the business cards smart objects that can be removed completely? I’m really just interested in the box as a mockup and not the business cards.

Hi and thank you! Unfortunately you can’t do that. You see, even that the cards are indeed smart-objects, the shadows are unified with the box shadows so it is not possible to remove them.

Thank you very much my friend!

I have this added to a collection. I would love to see your work for a box mockup (one which focuses on the box instead of the surrounding stationary). Great work though. Love it!

Thank you very much! I will consider designing a standalone box mockup as many others have also suggested!

Very nice muck up!! I love it!! Do you have muck up like this for postcard?

Hi and thank you very much! Unfortunately no at the moment but I will consider this in the near future. Thanks again!

wow.. so nice :D

Yes you can use your own background images as well. Smart object’s automatic perspective will take care of the rest! ;-)

Thanks a lot. Very nice mockup. Review coming soon :D

Great! Thank you very much for purchasing!