Business Magazine

Business Magazine

Business Magazine

A simple and modern template designed primarily for magazines, but can also be used for newsletters, brochures, booklets, and annual reports to name a few. The design style would suit many genres of magazines such as business, banking, corporate, financial, economy, politics etc.

Two Sizes Available

The Business Magazine template comes in 2 sizes — US Letter (8.5×11”) and A4 (210×297mm) — very handy!


The Business Magazine template has been designed in InDesign CS5 for use with InDesign CS5. Idml files have been provided for InDesign CS4, however not all application features are backwards compatible from InDesign CS5 (such as different corner radius on the same object as seen in the mockup pages).


The following files have been supplied as part of the download:
  • BM Front Cover A4.indd /.indt /.idml
    Master Template for the front cover A4
  • BM Front Cover US Letter.indd /.indt /.idml
    Master Template for the front cover US Letter
  • BM Front Cover Examples A4.pdf
    Example front cover designs A4
  • BM Master Template A4.indd /.indt /.idml
    Master Template for the internal pages A4
  • BM Master Template US Letter.indd /.indt /.idml
    Master Template for the internal pages US Letter
  • BM Advertising Lib A4.indl
    InDesign Library for the BM Advertising System A4
  • BM Advertising US Letter Lib.indl
    InDesign Library for the BM Advertising System US Letter
  • BM Design Mockups A4.indd /.indt /.idml
    Example A4 page designs (no images)
  • BM Design Mockups A4.pdf
    Example A4 page designs (with images)
  • BM Design Mockups US Letter.indd /.indt /.idml
    Example US Letter page designs (no images)
  • BM Style Guide.pdf
    Document demonstrating the Paragraph and Character styles.
The download does not contain any image files or font files (links to the freeware fonts required are provided). Images that are embedded in PDFs are for illustration purposes only and are subject to © copyright. Images are not to be extracted and used in any way at all, in part or in whole.


In order to use the Business Magazine template you will need to download and install the following fonts. All fonts are freeware and can be used commercially.

Master Pages

There are 10 master pages with varying column grids to choose from. The Master Pages allow for great flexibility in your layout. From completely blank pages for full page advertisements, 1-6 column grids, and some wide margin grids for those special designs.


An advertising system has been incorporated into the overall design of the template making it easy to sell advertising into your magazine or newsletter. Separate .indl files for both A4 and US Letter formats have been provided which house placeholders for all advertising sizes.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Contemporary Magazine template please contact me through GraphicRiver. Take care, and good luck!

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