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Nice and Effective One, GL with Sale’s :-)

This is amazing works.. Great design, looks professional & clean..

Hi, very nice template. Is it fully customizable in Word or i need INDD? It’s possibile change the main color?


yes this item is customizable in microsoft word.. you can edit the file with word.. this item is available in microsoft word & adobe indesign as described in the image preview..

you can change the main color.. all object, colors, & text are editable..

if you have any question, i will glad to help :)

How do I change the theme colors to our brand colors in Microsoft Word without changing each object/shape individually? I usually use inDesign but our finance team needs the business plan in Word.

Hi, thank you for bought my item.. :)

in microsoft word, you must change the colors manually.. just click the object & the color you want..


it looks awsome! I just have a question, are the maximum of pages 40 or I can extend them?

thank you

Hi, the item is include 40 pages design but you can extend the pages as you want.. thank you :)

Letter Size Word Files Missing. It appears the downloaded files only contain the A4 Word files.

I tried this 3x and they are clearly missing. Look at your zip file under “business plan/US letter size. There is ONLY an .idml and .indd file. No Word files. Please fix and email to me at re-post. Thanx!


i have checked the main files & i’m just realise i forgot to insert the us letter size of business plan.. sorry for that..

i have update the main files of the item (insert the us letter size).. i’m also sent to your email the us letter size files.. please check it.. thank you :)


Hi i used for my BP. the design is very nice. but i have many format problems. 1. is, u have to change every textfield into a tab. to set footnotes. 2. u have to renew the format because of too mush text. is very hard. ;( 3. but keep on i like ur style

sry for my engl. form germany

Hi, thank you for bought my item :)

for case no 1, i don’t really know what you mean.. can you please email me with your screenshot?

for case no 2, depends to your content.. everyone have different content.. you must edit your content again.. if you just want to insert text a little, maybe you can enlarge the picture..

Hi I have bought this item.

The images are not included in the document that I have download.

I only read now that the Photos are not included. Where can I get the photos Like the template with the photos.

Hi, thank you for bought my item :)

you can search that images on unsplash..


I have a maintenance and service business and would like to make a proposal to sell a few shares and then to invest further to increase activities. So it needs to cover my current business and value, plus future plans and investments.

I also do not want the presentation to be too long.. but with good healthy information.

Which proposal do you suggest?


Hi, thank you for your interest on my works :)

i have some proposal template that maybe can help your business.. please take a look :


Thanks for the proposal, they are really good. However, this is just the half bit where I am speaking about my own company.

Also a few pages speaking about my financial could be important as I am planning on selling my shares…if you know what I mean..

Nevertheless do you have something where I talk about further investment, the timeline for the investment, return of investment, etc…?

Hi, i think i dont have proposal template that have detail pages as you want.. thank you :)

Wow this is 20$ and there are not even any instructions for Microsoft word. only for adobe indesign, and even that is very little information. Very disapointed with my purchase, I have no idea how to add pictures..

Hi, can you please give me your email? I just checked the files and just realized that i haven’t updated the “info documentatio” file to this item.. I will give you the new info documentation file with include how to add pictures in microsoft words.. Thank you :)

Is there full instructions on how to edit with word?

Hi, in main files there is a file documentation with include how to insert image in microsoft word :)


the word version come in a single file or are there several?

Hi, the word is in single file with multiple pages :)

Everytime I try to edit a color, my word crashes (application is not responding..) I am using it on a Mac. Any help?

Hi, thank you for purchase my item :)

have you try open the 2 version of ms word in the main files?

if you still have the problem, maybe i can try send the files direct to your email again?

this is the first time buyer have that problem, but let’s find the solution :)

Can I open this job in Illustrator?

Hi, this item is not available in adobe illustrator..

you can edit it with adobe indesign or ms word..

thank you :)

Hi there – I bought the Business Plan and it is not compatible with MAC’s pages – it is all muddled up….What can I do?

I have replied your email :)


moha44 Purchased

hello, is possible to edit objects and add more pages for microsoft word? i tried many time and when i saved and return to open file i just came with error file. there is solution for that? thanks


moha44 Purchased

notice am using macbook pro.

Hi, i don’t really know what is the problem there.. have you be tried open 2 version of ms word in main files? docx and doc..


moha44 Purchased

its working perfect now, thank for tips.

I have tried two of your templates and can’t seem to edit the colour of objects in Word. Can you help please? I only bought them on this premise!

Hi, can i have your email? you can send me your email in my profile page..

i will send you the screenshot how to edit the color in ms word..