Support for Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

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How to include/integrate an image?

There are placeholders for images all over the presentation. They are obvious geometrical objects with light-grey color.

Inserting an image is very easy, as shown in these simple baby steps:

1. Select the shape where you want to put an image (in this case we select the grey rectangle)

2. Right-click & Format Shape

3. Choose an Image File

4. You are all set :)

How to change/replace the Logo?

The logo is replaced in the Master Slides, following these simple tiny steps:

1. Go to VIEW
2. Click -> Slide Master

3. Select the very first slide (the first slide looks bigger than the other slides)

4. Select the Best Logo on the first master slide
5. Delete this logo

6. Select and Copy your own logo

7. Paste your Logo

8. Resize your Logo

9. Place your Logo in the Right Upper Corner

10. Close the Master View

11. You are all done :)